SSD not detect in my Asus Vivobook (X512FL)

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I have removed my HDD & installed new SSD(Samsung Evo 860) & then try to install Win 10. But unfortunately, after turn on my laptop it will go to bios settings automatically. I can see my hard drive is connected correctly. but i can't see it from boot device list & also can't install win 10 by bootable USB. Please help me for solve this prob.


  • because HDD conatins bootmanager , but you already removed, and replaced new SSD without without OS and no boot device in bios.

    I conformed new SSD is good , so detected in bios, so no issues in ssd .

    Bootdevice will showed after complete instalation windows oS with EFI partition .

    so first install the windows os , by disabling SECURE boot , enable CSM mode , save and exit , insert pendrive , press boot menu key , follow onscreen instrauctions.

    install windows 10 2004 64bit OS , here is the direct link for iso file , use internet download manager to download file

    above link is direct link

  • Hi @Dasun, we would suggest you to move your SSD to another working computer, and format it to NTFS. After that, you can put back SSD to the computer you desire and reinstall OS. Thanks!

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