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Fingerprint on K3402ZA

Star I

I am planning on purchase VivoBook S 14X (K3402ZA), but I have doubt regarding the fingerprint that found implant with power button. How does it works? Is it detect the fingerprint since power off or only Windows detect the fingerprint?

Let say the fingerprint is registered by someone else, can I turn on the notebook or the notebook only can be turned on by the registered fingerprint?

If the bios detect the fingerprint, how to reset that? Let say if I want to handover the notebook to my kid in the future?



Fingerprint is only functional after booting.

When it is turned off, if other people press the power button to turn it on, it can still be turned on, but when entering the system, it is still necessary for the fingerprint registrant to enter the fingerprint to enter the system.

For more operations, please refer to the following:
[Windows 11/10] Windows Hello (biometrics) 

Thank you.