Fortnite Android 10 Optimizations

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Hi, anyone has experience in tweaking fortnite for Android 10 in Armory crate for the ROG phone 2?

I recently installed it after it became available on the Play Store. However, in high settings, I am only able to hit around 45 fps on average. What might be the issue?


  • Fortnite is a very demanding game that stresses the GPU a lot, creating a lot of heat. So if you're in a hot environment, it will likely throttle. To prevent this, increase the games profile senarios temperature control to HIGH in Armoury Crate.

    Also make sure you set your framerate to 60fps as 120fps will draw more power and create more heat without any real improvement in this specific game.

    You may set your X mode to ultimate which will overclock your GPU/CPU to get more stable framerate. It will of course also heat up your phone much faster so a fan (either the aeroactive cooler or table fan) is recommended to keep your fingers comfortable

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    Fortnite is very bad optimized game. Epic games have to learn with COD Mobile.

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    No smartphone in the world can run Fortnite without lags.

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