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Forum cleanup?

Rising Star II
In my opinion, there's an excessive amount of pinned posts here. I think a few of them could be unpinned at this point:
1 - As Android 12 is officially available on the ROG Phone 3, I don't think we need the post about the beta program or the A12 update schedule.
2 - Posts about high FPS-supporting games... I don't think the ones specific about a couple of games (Wild Rift and Fortnite) are needed anymore. Perhaps the list of games that support 90+ should be remade?
3 - The post about bypass charging and the "game changer" post probably aren't needed anymore.
4 - I would say the link to the Ideas for Next forum and the warning about the Tencent Games devices are important.

Rising Star II
@Mattias_ASUS Do you suppose that you, or one of the other mods, could look into this?

Rising Star II
Thread automatically closed due to inactivity. If the reported issue has not been resolved or you require further assistance from one of our moderators, please create a new thread and we will be with you shortly.