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Hi everybody,

I have an Asus Zenbook 3. I'm writing here just to try to find a solution to my problem.

I need to find an USB C HUB desk which supports the recharge of my notebook through it.

I need it because when i'm working on my desk at home i need to connect a second screen (with HDMI), have some USB ports for USB keys, SD cards, and if possible also an Ethernet cable to use internet as fast as possible. But the point is: while i'm working, i can not disconnect the hub to connect the battery charger loosing all the other devices connections.

I started to use the Asus original 3 ports little desk hub (supplied together the zenbook3) but after time the hub usb c port stopped to work. i think it has been damaged using it for the charge through.

I bought another hub, different brand, but after a few days, i had the same problem.

any suggestions?



  • Hello AS87,

    May you specify the model exactly? (UX390UA ,UX490UA....)

    Was there any update or modification before the original hub not working ?

    and all the ports stopped working or only particular function?

    Thank you.

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    My model is: UX390U

    No modifications or updates, except for windows automatic and periodic updates.

    only the Hub usb C port stopped to work (on the original hub and on the other one.

    thanks for your reply

  • Hello AS87,

    May you check which windows update is closer to the time that issue occurred?

    and may I have a picture of the hub and the ports as well?

    Thank you.

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    for that hub i'm sure about everything I said.

    attached you can find the photo of the hub connected; and the two detailed images of the system updates done after the first connection of it to my pc.

    first connection 9 april; it worked for 2 days.

    to report: yesterday morning after a rebot it has worked all the morning and then stopped again.

    now i'm quite sure the problem is inside the system.

    about the ASUS little desk hub: tried again now but all the ports are not working and when i connected it i have not heared any sound from the pc (probably this one is totally corrupted)

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    Hello AS87,

    Which brand and the model is the hub ?

    Please kindly double check if your BIOS is up to date as well.

    I will ask our technical support for more detail on this issue.

    Thank you.

  • Hello AS87,

    Another thing, may I know how do you usually plug an unplug the hub?

    for example, how many ports are used at the same time?

    and before you unplug the hub form the notebook, do you disconnect other things first?

    and then when you plug in the hub back to the notebook, are the Ethernet, HDMI and so on all connected on the hub?

    Thank you.

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    Hello Blake_ASUS,

    the desk HUB brand and model is: UNI (USB-C 8 in 1 Hub)

    answer to your your questions:

    1- normally i need to use USB-C port; HDMI port; ethernet port; and 1 or 2 USB port

    2- normally i switch off all the devices connected like monitor, printer, or eject the USB pen using first the command bar. I disconnect the charger from the hub and them i disconnect the hub.

    3- the ethernet cable is still connected the most part of times; the HDMI is connected but the monitor is switched off, and also the printer.

  • Hello AS87,

    Thank you for coming back to us.

    We were assuming that the hub is broken/worn out after a while of using because the ESD protection of the HUB is not enough

    for all these cables.

    Our technical support suggested that if you would like to connect a lot of cable on the hub,

    every time you connect and disconnect the hub from laptop, unplug all the others (Ethernet, HDMI...)

    Thank you.

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