CPU il slower after clean install W10

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: UX480FD
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS:
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Detailed description:

Hi, a couple of days ago I performed a clean installation of Windows 10 from an USB, an operation that I do about every 6 months to keep the OS running at maximum.

Unfortunately since the computer has restarted I have noticed a noticeable decrease in CPU performance.

In fact, the temperature monitoring software shows that the CPU never rises above 70 degrees, while before, at full load, it reached without problems more than 90 degrees. In addition, the fans run at a much lower rotation speed than they did before (and I believe that the rotation speed depends on the number of WATT absorbed by the CPU at a given moment as well as on the temperature).

These two elements may not be a problem in themselves, but this obviously translates into a significant drop in performance. To be clear, the CPU-z benchmark gives me a value of about 1000 points while before I got more or less 2000. In addition, the greater slowness is perceptible in all operations that require a considerable CPU load.

I therefore lost several hours trying to uninstall the CPU drivers, change the settings in the energy managment and set different values ​​in the system registry, asking the CPU to always go to the maximum but I have not reached the goal and the result has not changed.

I have the impression that after the reset, the CPU TDP has dropped to 15W, while from what I know on this laptop it is set to 25W by the manufacturer (and this would also explain the production of less heat and less use of the fans).

I therefore ask to be helped to find a solution since I often use the PC at full load and having half the power is a considerable inconvenience.

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  • check with intel processor diagnostics tool , download , install and run with admin rights

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    That's the result, what should I do?

  • Your processor is good. No issues.

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    Okay, so why does the CPU-Z benchmark score is significantly lower than before?

    And even operations that use a lot of CPU are significantly slower (in fact the temperature never exceeds 70 while before it reached 90)

    From what I know the TDP of this model has been raised to 25 W so, my processor should be faster than the traditional i7-8565U (which I think is the verification made by the test) or am I wrong?

    Thank you for your answer!

  • check once with CPU-z software, post screenshot

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    here is the result. On the left there is the CPU usage that never reaches 100% (before it used to remain at 100% for whole duration of the test).

    As you che see the result barely reaches 1000, while before it had no problem to reach 1850...

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    P.S. During the test the CPU temperature was 63 degrees, while in the past it reached 93 degrees

  • Your processor base frequency is 1.99ghz. might be some windows updates removed some featuree.

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    Yes, that's what I think too ...

    Do you have any idea how the problem could be solved?

  • Conform the tdp power in cpu z

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    Okay, thanks, but how can Ichange the TDP with CPU-z?

  • You cant change TDP power. Because asus has not modified the TDP in processor .

    So no use. There are the softwares claiming it changes TDP , but in general it's not possible.

  • Moreover is seen almost users wants to their processor should uses Less temperature. But only you wants to more temperature.

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    Thank you for the time and responses.

    So do you think there is nothing I can do to get the processor back as fast as before?

  • My intel i5 7200u base frequency is 2.5ghz .

    Do try to play heavy games using builtin GPU card. In middle while Playing, check cpu temp

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    Nothing to do, also during heavy games cpu temperature is more or less 65/70...

  • "To be clear, the CPU-z benchmark gives me a value of about 1000 points while before I got more or less 2000"

    CPU-Z results depend on CPU-Z version. Are you sure you didn't change it?

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    Okay, I think I solved the problem:

    As you can see from the picture now the benchmark result is way much highter and the temperature and the clock raised with it.

    Everything seems to be back to normal.

    I have installed the DPTF_DCH_Intel_Whiskeylake_Win10_64_VER85101037263 drivers

  • That's good. I always install DCH based from intel ,nvidia.

    On my windows laptop having full latest ,some drivers you cant find in asus website for particular model.

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    Moreover I need to know which intel management engine firmware version you installed in intel processor.

    Intel management engine interface driver.

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