pubg lagging issue in rog2 android 9 open letter to asus

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hello guys , i'm watching some comments people saying they getting lagging issue in pubg after upgrading their mobile to android 10.

i just want to make you clear that. it is not!

i had not upgrade to android 10- after watching the reviews are bad.

i continued to play with android 9 . but from a week the game is very laggy only in rog 2 not in other mobiles i have confirmed with testing in same network with a one-plus 6, it is butter smooth as normal.

after watching some videos that need to change game driver preferences for smooth game play i upgraded to android 10 since in android 9 those options not available.

even after changing the game preferences , it is laggy as before. so i request you guys don't believe those you tubers doing videos just for number of views .

give dislike them un-follow them those people should be avoided.

from this i can confirm game is lagging in our mobile not only because of android 10. there is something wrong.

today i installed shadow legends to play with 120 fps , trust me that game does not even cross 70 fps other than splash screens .

neither pubg developers not replies about this issue nor asus .

people purchased Asus rog 2 for gaming purpose , but this is very big hit on the supporters.

solution should be found asap else asus will loss its brand value for gaming devices.

dear asus , its not your advertisement makes selling your mobiles . it is your customers recommended your mobile to others.

if such things continue you will loss us the gamers and will loss in mobile gaming platform .

have you guys saw single message from asus team regarding this?

no right.

this is what we need to understand from asus and other brands.


  • We are already in discussion with Tencent trying to improve upon the gaming experience but this is not an isolated issue to ASUS phones.

    If you read all the latest reviews of PUBG on play store, you notice right away that even OnePlus 6 phones have the same issue. Just because your friends phone was butter smooth doesn't mean that it's like this on every device. There are ROG 2 device with smooth PUBG too.

    What makes a gaming phone is the powerful hardware, advanced cooling and hardware tuning capabilities but it does not magically make games with bugs run smooth.

    It can also not make a game like Shadow Legends to run in 120fps when it's capped to 30 fps by the developer.

    Maybe you're comparing with how PCs work, where everything depends mostly on hardware and where no games have frame rate caps. Well this is not the reality we live in when it comes to smartphones.

  • And PUBG is running smooth on my ROG Phone II. I'm saying that it can happen to all phones as in any phone but not every phone.

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    Our problems aren't only limited to decreased performance in gaming, Anders. Pocket mode doesn't work, fingerprint scanner is slow as hell, earpiece makes crackling noises while on call, chrome freezes a lot, screen turns automatically off after a few minutes while watching videos on chrome, phone heats up while charging, poor battery life. I spent 60,000 inr on this device the least you guys could do is provide a bugfix update.

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    Apart from factory reset and clearing data and cache weekly after A10 update, I have solved fingerprint and many other responsiveness issues (including Asphalt 9) by turning on and off accessibility menu. I have increased battery life for 2 hours by running PCmark battery test 4 nights in airplane mode, in super saver battery mode, in super clean mode, and then again in airplane mode. I have solved my BT issues by dealing with permissions. Flickering and twitching of the screen was solved by factory reset. I have solved the wired connectivity issue by reversing the face of the cable jack up-side down. I never had charging or heating issues. I had it once on A9, but never on A10. After A10 update my UI has never closed which was happening ocassionally on A9.

    So yes I've spent more time in A10 fiddling with settings than I would have preferred to, but I do now have a very functional phone with better notifications, better adaptive display, more usable AOD, reduced red tint in the screen, better thermal management, same or somewhat increased battery life, no crashing of UI, better noise processing in camera night mode, better gestures (personal thing). It does get occasional quirks that I have to restart the phone, but it's nothing drastical to prevent me enjoying it.

    The only issue which doesn't go away is Chrome. So I don't use it. There are better alternatives.

  • To be honest it is not , or that you are just playing for 10 mins max , I've been facing issues after A10 update for almost everyday . It's like really frustrating that you cnt move due to frame drops , also other phones work fine as I have been told by my frnds . I'm not saying that it's only asus but each n every phone is suffering from those lags which pubg has , only point is that it use to run way better in A9 thats it.

  • On Android 9 default scenario settings there were a lot of frame drops but I did only one tweak that was turning temperature to high and everything worked smooth.

    On Android 10 this tweak doesn't work, now I have to turn on X Mode Ultimate too, battery life goes way low with X Mode Ultimate.

    The only thing I can say is Pubg lag issue is ameliorated by Android 10.

    And yes those goddamn youtubers can do anything for views.

    It's basically Google's fault in my opinion that they have delivered a faulty unoptimized OS too developers. It's like a car with broken chassis, no matter how much tech you put in your car, the chassis will create problems. In our case Android 10 by Google is that chassis and Asus is that tech, there is a bottleneck effect due to chassis (A10).

  • Can you please share your scenario profiles and in game graphics settings?

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    Waktu belom ada update android 10.pake maen pubg enk lancar..setelah update android 10 rog sya di ngefreme.lag dan render.patah2 pake maen..trus sya downgrade lagi ke android 9 hasil sma masi tetap problem..harus sbelom benar2 stbail jangan di publikasikan dulu android 10..kami jadi bahan percobaan pengtesan android..dan gimna solusi kalau sudah ada problem gini..kami beli hp ini dengan harga tidak murah sekarang hp jadi hp sekelas harga 2 jutaan..kami kecewa dan cobalah carikan solusi untuk kami dr pihak asus...terima kasih dan di percepat penangan solusi nya..

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    Saya juga mau tau sebelom ada pembaruam A10 ..apakah gmbar ini versi beta atau tidak..

    Soal nya punya sya ini versi beta. Apakah ini juga memperngaruhi

  • i think you can try playing pubg mobile with unlock 90 fps.

    i try this with android 10 and no problem with frame rate when playing pubg mobile :)

    FPS will stay in 60 - 90 👍️

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    Kan game pubg tidak mendukung pfs 90 hz

    Gi mana cara nya dong

  • It will drain battery like hell . I have already tried it but there will also be fps fluctuations and I don't want that kind of battery experience.

  • I tried it.

    It makes the device hot with in minutes.. I fear device might blast. There is frame drop issue still.

    It just makes smoother but doest not stop fps drops

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