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how to import contact to twin whatsaap? when i try to add, i across this problem.



  • Oohh, look at this asus. Another consumer complain about your twin app. So? Still not willing to improve your app? No?

  • Go to SETTING>ADVANCED>TWIN APP> CLICK on the 3 dots on the top right corner. Click accounts for duplicated apps. Then add your Google account. Complete the login. Don't forget to turn on auto sync option. Then if you are using whatsapp for an example give access to contact. Hope this solves your issue. Thankyou.

  • thanks for pointing out, i skipped that step.

    So i uninstalled twin whatsaap then reboot. install twin whatsaap again and login my gmail via 3 dots in twin apps(which all my contacts are there). But still after login, I don't have any contacts. Auto Sync On, i give all access included access to contacts. And i tried to add contact, i across this problem. Please help @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS

  • Yeah, this started happening since the upgrade to Android 10. It worked fine previously...

    As a workaround, I installed a third party app (Oasis Feng's Island) and created a second copy of Whatsapp with that app. While it isn't as elegant or well-integrated as Twin App was back in the Android 9 days, it doesn't have this contacts issue. @Mayendra

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