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Uninstalling twin app version of Facebook, device stuck rebooting on Zenfone logo

Star I

So earlier today I had to install Facebook for something but it automatically installed a twin app version, which I didn't need. As such, I disabled that version and it asked me to reboot. I did, and since then it has been stuck on the Zenfone logo whenever I reboot. I can enter recovery mode, but all I appear to be able to do there is factory reset the phone. And that's problematic, as my data is backed up in Google Drive, but it appears my photos aren't backed up to Google Photos, despite me thinking they were. Any ideas to get it booting correctly again? Or at least some way of recovering my photos before resetting, such as booting into safe mode? Any help is appreciated,



Hey @swaroco,

Can you please share a video recording of the issue?