ROG Phone 2 heating issue

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I noticed that my phone is warmer to touch lately. The battery drains faster too.

I noticed that my CPU temperature is high - it ranges from 60-69 degrees Celsius. I don't even play games on it much. I've also used the power master feature and kept the phone optimized.

Just browsing through the phone system drains about 3% of the battery in just 5 minutes use.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I just bought this phone 2 months ago - it didn't have this problem before.

Here's a picture of the Armory Crate to show the temperature.



  • jyun88jyun88 Level 2

    Best you send your phone to service center to check. Maybe google service is running at background cause it

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    That temperature is definitely not normal. I reach 49 max after playing Asphalt on max performance and temperature the whole day.

  • BanBan Level 1

    Seriously?! Did you mean the CPU temperature or the system temperature? I tried playing Asphalt for like 5 minutes and it drained 3 % of the battery and CPU temp reached 70 degrees Celsius. ?

  • My temperature reached 48°c during PUBG gameplay using smooth/extreme setting even though aero active cooler was attached!! Something that never happened before i'm updating to A10

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    I mean the temperature in the real time monitor from the Game Ginnie. I played intensively last night with the cooler attached and it reached 41 max. X-mode everything on max. In you case there is definitely something wrong.

  • BanBan Level 1

    I returned the phone back to the store where a bought it from. They' said they'll assess it. It's still under warranty, so hopefully they'll replace it.

    I returned it as soon as possible because the phone was getting so hot that I was worried it might explode or something. It was getting hot even when I was just restarting it.

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    Looks like a hardware issue.

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    I have exactly the same issue Cpu at 70°C on Black desert mobile.

    Maybe the android 10 update

    Can someone of Asus Support reply : 70 °c Is that ok for the Rog phone or this is too much.

  • The better question is how accurate are the temps shown by game genie and armoury crate and what are the max safe temps for gpu, cpu and battery? In any case max temp I reached was 48°c (gamegenie temp) after 5 straight hours of cod mobile on xmode without my aerocooler attached.

  • The temperatures for CPU/GPU are pretty pointless. The one in the middle is what matters most. Cause that is what your phone itself will feel like.

    The CPU will throttle itself before any damage is actually done. The phone would shut off as a fail safe if it couldn't get the temperatures down.

    I had a friend running his Desktop PC with pretty much no cooler for almost two to three years before realizing that the cooler wasn't attached. It would get up to 100C and just stay there. The CPU would throttle its core clock to stop from dying. CPU's and GPU's can handle way higher temperatures than you think.

  • AndreaAndrea Level 1

    Have you upgraded to Android 10 in these days?

  • SwarajSwaraj Level 3

    Ya m facing heating issues too after a10 upgrade

    Also ram consumption is very high when idle

  • I'm facing heating issues too after I upgraded to A10

  • Bro that is definitely something wrong with your device or the way you are using it. I at max reach 38° that to with hardcore tuning

  • BanBan Level 1

    No, it was Android 9. Plus, my phone is still being assessed back at the store at the moment and hasn't come back yet.

    The phone was just too warm to touch. Even just internet browsing for 5 minutes, I get like a 3% battery drain with no background apps running and the internal temp can reach 38 degrees Celsius, with the cpu at 70 - all for just web browsing or looking through the settings of my phone.

    So, I agree with others who says that it could be a hardware issue.

  • Are you on Android 10. On Android 10 CPU 8is running at max due to which CPU temperature is high.

    I am on Android 9.

  • BanBan Level 1

    No, it was android 9. My CPU temp reached to almost 70 for JUST web browsing and facebooking. And it reached more than 70 when gaming for just a few minutes.

    The phone is not with me right now. It's with the store where I bought it as they are assessing it.

  • It looks like there there might be some software issue. There could be an app that might have triggered this. A hard reset should probably do the trick.

    Still if it's a hardware issue, you can get it fixed as would be under warranty.

    Hope you you get your beast back in normal way soon.

  • It's pretty accurate according to me. Have you tried touching the metal frame at that temperature, it's like hot cooking pan, I can't even hold it without cover.

    I have also faced 50 degree while recording and playing for long hours, it heats like hell. That copper vent becomes really hot.

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