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How to wipe cache partition in recovery?

I m unable to boot into recovery mode. Anyone can help me regarding the same?What I am doing:After turning off the power, simultaneously holding volume down+power key.After android logo appears, leaving the power key and kept holding the volume down ...

SoumyaRS by Rising Star II
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Feature Request: Native Resolution on External 16:9 Display

I noticed that force desktop mode is removed from developer options, I am so sad about that.Bascially, connecting to any 16:9 display gives me very bad feeling because of the black edge.On my OnePlus phone with Android Q, forcing desktop mode works q...

Face unlock not working after Android 10 stable update

Before the Android 10 update, the face unlock works fine where it has this animation in the lock screen that tells you that face unlocking is taking place. However, after the update, it disappeared. Those who have updated to Android 10, do you encoun...

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qwd by Star I
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Incorrect call log

Hi,I bought 1st asus phone rog 2 but now I'm frustrated with buggy software and nobody cares about itAnd u guys don't update your app on playstore.There is no incoming call log. But why?And it shows wrong data of call logsThere is only missed call op...

Asus Rog Phone not charging with original charger

Hi all,My Rog Phone 2 does not charge with original charger. It shows the hypercharge icon but does not charge. I tried different cable ... no luck. Different charger works fine, original charger when used with different device works as well. It seem...

Headphones 3.5mm jack doesn't work at aerocooler

Hi, I have problems with 3.5mm jack at cooler port, when I plug in on top of notification bar doesn't seem like detect and no sound on headphones.But when use bottom of phone 3.5mm jack it works and show headphones detect at notification barPlease he...

Fatt by Star I
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Feedback about rog phone 2 bundle case durability

Hello! Id like to ask a question about your bundle case durability. I love its design and i would probably buy another cause mine already breaks apart in lower part. During 5 months of usage i removed and reattached it ~10 times, didnt drop it even s...



It happens sometimes but is annoying. while opening recent tab on home screen sometimes it gets stuck on the recent tab and i have to swipe up to open another recent tab to back out.

by Not applicable
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