Accessories other then the Kunai that are compatible

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So idk if anyone has covered this but I, like a lot of people I know can't afford all the accessories we wish we could for this phone that's including the gamevice and gampads... So anyways I assume a phone this advanced should be able to use other devices such as Flydigi's elite wasp 2 which is a single handed game pad which leaves my right hand open for more controls I'm use to doing with my right hand. Anyways flydigi whom I've already asked and they are supposedly working on is using a new technology called flashplay mode and my controller should connect bluetooth and control my screen like taps and be remapped while simultaneously letting me tap my screen naturally and still use my air triggers to.... Sorry for how long this is btw.... Anyways this isn't the case and that being said I can't play with the game pad and use the one air trigger which I need for shooting and I can't afford the Kunai controller which is gonna have lag in the aim (right stick) anyways. Is there anyone out there who can help???


  • I'm sorry, what is the issue exactly? Are you saying that their software gets in conflict with ours?

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    Yes when I was using the flydigi wasp 2 elite single left handed game pad which uses capair technology to simulate finger touches and allows for key mapping, the Asus airtriggers stop working even no matter which order I start the apps in or where I launch one or the other from and it still doesn't matter when I decide to turn the triggers on when single handed gamepads which I mind you aren't using Bluetooth but for some reason still need to connect to my Bluetooth it for some reason negates the fact I have air triggers programmed into my phone.

  • Sorry, I forgot to reply this thread. Both our airtrigger and key mapping uses similar technology as WASP 2. Both apps can't run at the same time without interfering with each other meaning there won't be any fix. Sorry

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