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Asus ROG Phone II Android 10 stable release

Is this real or just a prank? I found it from a blog which is posted today only. After i clicked on the source link I found the following result. What is happening there? ? I just want to know!


Lower flash is not working

I have asus rog 2 while taking photos in dark only upper flash is working ,lower flash light is not working.Is this is a flash light or some kind of light which is meant for some other purpose.

Android 10 Official

ASUS on twitter declares it. So where can I get the official android 10??

Renz by Star I
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Game FPS not align with phones FPS - Love Live! All Stars

I have been playing Love Live! All Stars for a while now and found out that the games fps is not aligned with the phoneExample: i tried playing the game on 90hz which should have the game be played on 90fps but instead it got me on 45fps only If yo...

AFR79C6IN5B0.jpg ANQI5WS6DPT0.jpg

Official fitness app from Asus

Hi Team ,Is there any offical fitness app from asus like step counter. Drinking water remainder. Weight management. EtcAll these in single app. If it is there kindly share the link of app.Also currently I'm using Samsung health app. Kindly suggest an...

Lighting armor case inquiry

Hello,I have the global elite edition (12/512) and have been wanting to buy this case for quite some time now. Problem is the official ASUS store where I bought my unit from doesn't have this on stock for almost 3 months now. My question is would the...

Doesn't show received call

Since i have bought this it doesn't show received call from anyoneAnd nobody wants to talk about it???Why??

Android 10 Beta 9 Bug

This bug has been in android 10 since its first beta was released. When you hold your finger on the notification bar at the edge it vibrates like crazy. second bug is on homescreen when we have the system navigation set to "Swipe up on home button",...

by Not applicable
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Rog 2 X Mode Fps Drop

Hello there . First of all , I'm sorry with my bad English. Hope you guys could understand me . I bought my Rog 2 phone just to play Pubg Mobile. The first week was very awesome . I can set the graphic to HDR and frame rate to extreme ( 60fps ) with ...

Kunai gamepad stopped working

I bought the kunai gamepad for my ROG phone 2 about 2 weeks after I got the phone. It worked pretty well for about a month, but it stopped working abruptly. The left side stopped lighting up, and stopped registering both in the vice and the controlle...

A_Human by Star III
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