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Asus ROG Phone II Android 10 stable release date

Hi there,I am using Asus ROG Phone II along with Android 9. I Have some problems with the Bluetooth connectivity. Its getting disconnect and reconnect repeatedly. I am using Samsung U Flex as my Bluetooth hearing device. I tried this same Bluetooth d...

Bottom Speaker louder than Top Speaker

I am facing this issue, my bottom speaker is louder than my top speaker. Also at full volume bottom speakers sounds distorted. Is this a issue or nature of the speakers in my Rog 2.@Anders_ASUS , please can you confirm if this is a defect. I am very ...

akhilj66 by Rising Star II
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ROG Phone 2 bluetooth PS4 Controller issue

my ps4 controller sometimes doesn't pair up with the bluetooth, keep on pairing while there is no progress. sometimes when it does paired, after i disconnect both and tried to connect them again it would just automatically disconnected. even after i ...

4G issue on Beta 10

I'm having a 4G speed issue with my WW ROG 2 on latest Beta.. If I switch to Airplane mode, then re-enable data, running speedtest straight after i get 220-240mb/s downloads.. After about 5 min and I run the test again (same servers, same location) i...

cheetah2k by Rising Star II
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Games crashing

After 5,10 or 15 min gameplay randomly it just get closed I noticed for pubg but same thing happening with call of duty also.I m useing android 9 lastest updated i take out log of them I m pretty sure it android issue I will be waiting for problem ...

aanuj96 by Star I
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Fps fluctuates always in pubg

I used the fan and turned on ultimate performance. But the fps is not stable. It is ALWAYS unstable : 60-55-40-18-32-59 fps. And the cpu and gpu worked at 30%? Listen to customers Asus. This is a gaming phone. And this gaming phone is to play game. W...

minh by Star II
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