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Always on Panel Improvements

I love this feature, I had Samsung S7 and it was one of the best features any amoled screen phone can give. I don't understand why OnePlus skips it, so I highly appreciate you guys for putting in this feature.I use this red digital clock style and da...

akhilj66 by Rising Star II
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Is it okay to keep Aura Lighting always on

Hey @Anders_ASUS , I am totally in love with this Aura Lighting system you guys build into it, anyone who sees it asks me about my phone and they says it looks so beautiful. So a big thumbs up for that.The question I have is that is it okay to keep i...

akhilj66 by Rising Star II
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Asus rog phone 2

My biggest mistake ever....purchase rog phone 2 there is no update since 6 months no security patch update.. Games are lagging even pubg some friends tell me...dosent purchase asus phones....but finally they was right...and i was

What do you expect on ROG PHONE 3?

HiWhat do you guys expect to have on ROG PHONE 3?I'll say my part 1st.-No more fingerprint magnet back glass-improve screen colour accuracy-screen protector included(film type at least)-Earphone or earbuds included(wire type)-better protective lightn...

jyun88 by Rising Star II
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Android 10 software update

I believe asus is is little slow in pushing its software update even to flagship phones, but it has one of the best flagship phone in best price range which is difficult to beat by any mobile industry .....only software does not make a phone it's all...

Swipe twice in games

How to disable this.? For going back or to the home screen I don't wanna swipe twice for Every such action

Kanu by Rising Star II
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System UI

So today my ROG phone 2's system UI just stopped responding randomly.I don't know how it happened . I was just scrolling through ZEN TALK .But it again started tk operate normally within a few seconds.What was the problem that occurred?@Anders_ASUS ...

No security update

Asus doesnot give eve security update. Last six month no update is received. And it show rog phone 2 is flagship model. Redmi mi and other chines company gives every month security update in low budget phone.asus is very bad for this. I am not recom...

Should have for next update

Dear developers team,Please looking this for next update ;-Data usage show a day, week, and month.-Scrolling Three finger for screenshot.-Can turn off screen & use other app while use Cast.-Can limit data usage for hotspot. -can use chat app (WA, tel...

Yusuf_M by Star I
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