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Night mode question.

One thing i noticed is that when i take a night shot (on night mode) it doesn't load up completely. By that i mean the circle that show that multiple frames are being captured stops halfway and i get a below par image. This doesn't happen on gcam and...

Kanu by Rising Star II
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No software update

Now people are making fun asus rog 2 every where as no update from Last 6 months and games are lagging too much eg pubg ???.

Gurmanav by Rising Star I
  • 5 replies
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Speakerphone Issue

@Anders_ASUS. Hi I want to point out an issue that when I call someone or get a call from someone when I use speakerphone, it sometimes takes about 6 seconds for other person to hear my voice. I don't think that this is an hardware issue because it o...

akhilj66 by Rising Star II
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Pubg Lags And Glitches ! See Images !

Uzi Glitch In PUBG Mobile 0.17 !I reinstall the game but issue is same !Android 10 beta 8 !Forward it to developers ! So that they can fix it also the game is lagging like hell ! Fps drops like shit ! Sometimes i even think that is this really a gami...

Jasveer by Star III
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Areoactive cooler where to buy

Somehow lost my cooler are the ones with the tencent markings the same as the original ? If not where is a good place to get one that ships to Canada.

Uneven Colors on white backgrounds

Guys just noticed that while browsing through white web pages the top part was more pinkish/reddish than the lower half of the display Does anyone have this issue?

Zailey by Star I
  • 8 replies
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Phone beeping every 3 minutes

Has anyone experienced or know how to stop the rog phone II from beeping/vibrating every 3 min? No new software downloaded recently and no alerts/notifications running. No apps open. Thanks!

Ahto Hide Navigation Bar

am looking for app that allow to auto hide navigation bar and bring it by sliding from the bottom or somethings else

Asus ROG Phone II Android 10 stable release date

Hi there,I am using Asus ROG Phone II along with Android 9. I Have some problems with the Bluetooth connectivity. Its getting disconnect and reconnect repeatedly. I am using Samsung U Flex as my Bluetooth hearing device. I tried this same Bluetooth d...