Incorrect phone specs at point of sale

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As the ASUS complaint department is useless.......lets see what peoples thoughts are on here about ASUS.

I bought a ROG2 from the ASUS UK site, as I live in the UK. Spec on the site says it works on many FTE bands, so all is good. Lets splash out £600 on a phone.......

Turns the Strix model doesn't. Only the Ultimate does and this is shown on the .COM site they pointed out. But I like in the UK, so I went on the .CO.UK site. Also how is that something that should be considered in a model spec I don't know. More RAM, more storage.......all good things for a top model, but the bands the phone works on.........WTF ASUS!?

Anyway, your site doesn't show this for different models in the UK, so how is the consumer to know. In fact, after much complaining, the information was taken away. Almost like they were trying to hide it.........?

But they said they were now my phone works beautifully! doesn't.

I have a high spec phone on 3G..............yay. Actually 'yay' is not how I feel. I'm totally gutted to have spent this much on a pile of junk, can barely watch YouTube out and about, unless its 360p or I can find some WiFi.


  • You bought the phone from the ASUS UK eStore? The "Strix" model is not intended for use or sale outside of China. That is why you are having issues with network connectivity.

    More information on what's going on can be found here. We commonly call this phone the "Tencent Edition" on the forum here.

    If you bought the phone from the official eStore, that is a big issue that I need to look into. I've sent you a PM so that you can send me your serial number and order information so that I can follow up with ASUS UK.

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    Please note that the Strix edition is also sold in Italian Asus store. On the Rog 2 Strix page in the store if you "click" on "Specifiche" you will see technical details including bands supported. But people as they are mostly don't look at it and just see the more affordable price. This whole thing with Tencent and Strix is very unfortunate and ruining the image of an excellent product. Please check screenshots

    This Strix phone would have been completely useless for me. When I was buying it I almost bought a Tencent phone "from a central European stock" in Switzerland. But the price was "too good to be true" so I investigated. And luckily bought the 12/512 global edition. Customer usually don't consider they have to investigate and buy in good faith.

    The only solution for Rodders would be to send it back, pay the difference and get the 12/512 version. If still possible. The Strix hardware is just not adequate for all European countries.

  • Trying to PM back, but struggling on phone. Will continue to try, but might have to wait till I'm home.

    I did read up about issues, so I purchased from the UK, as that should

    I tried to get a refund or upgrade, but nothing happened as over 30days.

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    I believe upgrade would be best. The phone is really great in this Elite version.

  • I'd be more than happy with an upgrade, but I feel I shouldn't have to pay the full difference, perhaps some good will from ASUS would be a nice touch.

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    I cannot comment in that. Maybe you can negotiate something.

  • Well, I've been apologised to. The spec is correct and it's my fault. That's been the response from ASUS so far.

    Hence coming here now

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    So your hopes are now here.

  • Yes!

    I don't to be going to trading standards or anything.

    Just need ASUS to admit their site was wrong and help me out!

  • Sorry about the late reply. I forwarded this thread to my colleagues in UK and asked them to look into it if they haven't seen your thread already.

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    Don't worry Rodders, I have the same problem. When I buy something, I don't investigate all aspects of it first. That way, when I buy the wrong version, I can blame someone else and demand money. Unfortunately, these ********** keep refusing to take responsibility for my lack of attention. Savages.

  • If you have a problem, we'd be happy to help.

    With that being said, please watch your language. I'm sure we can work through your issue without requiring censoring.

  • I did investigate it all, first post shows their advertised bands the phone covers, but it doesn't!

  • We have a funny guy here. If you can't post something productive keep it to yourself.

  • Sorry, sometimes my sense of humor is a little louder than it should be. Put lightly.

  • I get it, it was just uncalled for in this situation. I appreciate you being mature about it.

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