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Asus ROG Kunai Gamepad on Asus Singapore sold out in days since release and Never Imported Since

Rising Star I
I remembered Asus ROG Phone II was released Nov 2019. Due to budget, I bought TwinDock II that month and only decided to buy Kunai Gamepad this month.
I noticed it was out of stock this week. Called the concept store at Bugis Junction Singapore to enquire about stock. I have been told not only they are out of stock, they don't even know if new stocks will arrive at all, and even the phone itself may also not be stocked too! That's only 3 months since the phone's release!
I got quite anxious for my phone for if I drop and break it, I imagine sending to service center will face with shortage of spare parts. For the gamepad, I see numerous sellers on numerous online shopping sites jack up the price of the accessories.
It is only when I get a genuine unit from an online shopping platform, Carousell, that I realize the Kunai gamepad has a standard and full variant. It was 130 Singapore Dollars, and it was a genuine product, but I noticed that the unit does not come with the independent base controller holder. I have that pair of controllers and the base for the phone to hold the controllers, but I cannot use them as a standalone unit from the phone.
Will Asus still continue to manufacture those accessories? When can I expect to get the unit? May I be able to buy just the base controller as add-on?
ZenTalk 中文的貼子 (Asus ROG Kunai 游戲遙控器新加坡賣不到幾天就斷貨且不進貨2個月):

Hall of Fame III
There's only one version of Kunai which includes the controllers, the holder and the bumper. At the moment, it's sold out almost everywhere and I don't know when it will be in stock again.

Rising Star I
Just sharing the S/N for your perusal and enquiry. The upper "core" version to be resold to a schoolboy after I didn't realize the version difference and bought it. Still fully functional now. And lower "full" version which I use now and deemed by Asus as official.

Core was bought from Singapore's Carousell online market, Full was bought 2nd hand from a fella at Malaysian Asus ROG Phone Facebook Community Page for a price little lower from Singapore online store's official price.