Chrome does not respond and screen flickers

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I have several issues with the phone and I have mentioned three main ones here.

Its been a month I have been using the indian varient of Rog Phone 2. And like 2 weeks prior this issue with Chrome has begun. Everytime I open chrome after a while like 2-3 hours or so it just freezes. It doesn't happened if I have opened chrom like 5 or 10 mins before. No touch response any where on the chrome, can't put the address, can't change the tab. I have to wait for like a minute and then an error messages pops up saying the app is taking longer than it should, and if I want to close it or wait it out. I have to close it and restart the app to make it work. First I thought may be I have too many tabs opened or running in the backgroud (66 to be exact) and I closed them all and started anew. However, it happened still the same with 3 tabs. Then I cleared all the cache, memory etc from the mobile manager but when I opened the chrom after a while it still happened. This is very annoying, I can't even open a browser on this phone and have to wait like I am stuck in windows 98.

Second issue I am having is that sometimes when I browsing 9gag or google feed the screens starts flickering or blinking at very high pace and also unresponsive completely. I cannot put it to home screen or navigate. I have to press the power button to lock and then unlock it to resolve this problem. And lately this is happening a bit frequently. I think over time it will happen more and more. Perhaps I should send this phone for warrently claim if I can record it somehow.

Third is that it overheats a lot specifically when I am playing Asphalt 9 for some reason. It gets so hot that it gets really dificult even to keep the phone in my hands. It doesn't get overheated when I am playing PUBG or Legends or Life is Strange but only for Asphalt 9.


  • Google Chrome is not known for a good memory management. I sugest you to try another browser (I personally use Microsoft Edge, that consume much less memory than Chrome).

  • Yeah, you are right its not good in memory management. But its synced with my PC with the bookmarks and accounts. Its a loss for me. Even if I can use different browser but the phone should be able to handle chrome as that is the default browser of the phone. I have been using chrome in my previous phone which is very old (Note 5) but I never had this issue. I think there is a bug in the phone OS somewhere. Even if 8gb is not enough to handle it, it could be handled by optimization and limitation of data transfer rate for backgroud tabs or smth.

  • 1) If resetting storage and clearing cache didn't help, perhaps try updating the app from the Play store.

    2) Agreed, this sounds like a hardware issue. I recommend contacting Support for a hardware repair.

    3) You adjust CPU and GPU clock speeds within Armoury Crate to reduce heat. It might reduce performance by 5%, but heat by 20%.

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    Chrome gave me glitchy scrolling on this very forum. But other browsers I use: Firefox, Ghostery and Tor browser have no issues at all. This is the Chrome issue, not phone. I prefer Ghostery. The way it handles things is just great.

    I play a lot of Asphalt and the game running on extreme settings heats up to 49 deg C max and it stays there for hours. (without cooler attached). Over the weekend I basically play all day long (up to 19.000 rep a day for the club) without any issues. CPU never runs over 25%, but GPU is essential. To get good ranking in Asphalt I would not limit that. What temperature are we talking about when it's said it cannot be held in hands? It would be nice to tell us stats from real time performance monitor in Game Ginnie. Without that it's very subjective.

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