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It has only been a month that i bought rog phone 2 and my battery has started draining so fast.

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After I bought rog phone 2 from flipkart in India battery was good for almost 2 weeks. Then the battery started to show abnormal drainage. After a month of use the battery of 6000mah doesn't even lasts for 3 hours of playing games. This battery of Asus rog phone 2 feels like 3000 mah rather than of 6000 mah. I think many like me has started facing this issue in this phone. I hope Asus will look into this issue asap and fix this drainage issue is next update.

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It should definitely be able to last for more than 3 hours but I don't know if you also use your phone for a lot of other things?
Please download "App Usage - Manage/Track Usage" It will give you a very detailed summary of the apps you've been using. Unfortunately, it can only show foreground usage.
Permit Android Usage Access and share the list here as a screen shot or Export Usage History & Activity history csv files

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Hello andres why has my Rog phone 2 started charging so fast. Like it gets fully charged in 40 minutes and the battery drains so fast. Before it used to take 2 hours and battery life was good.

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It's like this?? It's draining my battery now 80-73% as of now while browsing only.. ROG 2 ultimate edition here..

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Hello @Anders_ASUS why has accubattery app started showing that my phone's battery is only of 3200 mah?