Clarification on how notifications are received and unlocked (A9 -A10)

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sorry, I would like to report this missing / bug but I don't know how to get it to the developers.

Activate turn on display when you receive a notification:

1 option - a notification arrives, the screen turns on but only the time appears! To see what notification it is you have to be recognized by the face. It remains in the lockscreen, without being taken to the home but it is very uncomfortable. From here then if you want you can access the home with a slide.

2 option - a notification arrives, the screen shows what type of notification has been received, hiding sensitive content. Perfect. I go to the lockscreen and from here if you are recognized by the face there is no way to stay in the lockscreen, you are necessarily brought to the home.


Is there any way to make the screen turn on when a notification is received and to show what notification it is by hiding sensitive content and avoid being brought to the home on the lockscreen when it is recognized? But access the home by making a slide? basically a mix between the two previous methods.

I often have the phone on the desk and it would be convenient for me to see the contents of the notification without having to access the home once it is recognized: this is because the screen on the lockscreen turns off after a few seconds and not after the minute I set when using the device.

I hope I have explained well what happens, in a previous topic that I opened on the A10 bugs CH_ASUS closed the topic, saying that this functionality is already present, but in my opinion, it did not quite understand what I can't set (https: / /


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    Resolved: Got the option in device security.

    It's annoying that there isn't a option to prevent it from face unlocking directly on clicking the power button. Some times we press the power button to check notifications & time but it directly unlocks. There should be an option so that it unlocks only when we do an secondary action like swipe up, button or double click power button, whatever developers think is relevant.

  • I must admit that I scratched my head quite a lot to crack this one. The thing is that I knew ZENUI had all the functionality needed to do what you want but it didn't work. It took me some time to figure out why and I had to test a lot of different devices to find the reason.

    Eventually I found that the reason why it doesn't show you all the content is because the screen that lights up is not the normal screen. It's more like a version of Always On Display and the reason for this is to save power. If the normal screen had lit up, then it needs to access more functions, use more pixels and so on.

    This version of AOD which comes up doesn't have access to the screen unlock function. It doesn't work on any phone except Xiaomi where they have a workaround but that also means higher battery consumption.

    It was when we looked at Pixel 4 and its behaviour that it hit us. Googles logic behind this function is that if you will lift up your phone to see what the message was that you got.

    So the short answer is that you need to enable Lift to check phone in display settings. This will replace the need to swipe the screen to access the face unlock function in order to unlock the messages

  • Unfortunately, I didn't explain myself well then.

    With the arrival of notifications the screen turns on if you activate the toggle in the settings.

    I keep it enabled

    Then depending on how you intend to view the notifications, this switching on of the display has 2 different behaviors:

    1) if you have chosen to view notifications only if there is face recognition, these will not appear. The only clock will appear. Even going to the lockscreen these will not be minimally visible. They will only be so if they are recognized by the face. We are recognized and notifications appear. You remain in the lockscreen and with a slide you go to the home.

    For me, an unusable option: I have a smartphone on my desk, I hear the notification coming, but I don't see anything: I have to pick up the phone and be recognized.

    2) I have chosen to display the notifications and have activated face recognition. In this case, when the notification is received, the screen turns on, the notification appears with hidden sensitive contents, perfect!

    I access the lockscreen (by lifting the phone or clicking on the screen or pressing power). I see notifications and hidden any sensitive content. Perfect.

    Face recognition and here the problem: You go directly to the home! There is no way to stay in the lockscreen!

    Instead it would be convenient if you could set an option for point 2, in which to access the home you need to slide up, do not go directly!

    I hope I have been clearer now @Anders_ASUS

  • ok, currently with the combinations at hand, you can either

    1. have a notification on the lock screen and when it detects your face, it will show you the content of that notification. BUT, it won't unlock the phone with your face. For that you need to use PIN or FP. If this works for you, then all you need to do, is to enable "Show notifications" and disable "Unlock device"
    2. You won't have a notification but If you press the power key, then it will show you a lock screen with your messages and their content. Phone won't be unlocked

    But I totally understand now what you want and I will forward your request to our devs. Hopefully, they will change it to your liking in a future FOTA.

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    Unfortunately, this is a compromise.

    With 1) it shows all notifications and does not hide sensitive content unfortunately.

    with 2) it is uncomfortable.

    It would be perfect if:

    1) The notification arrives

    2) AOD is activated which shows notification, however hiding sensitive content

    3) I lift the phone / Double click on the screen / Power button -> I go to the lockscreen

    4) In the lockscreen I see the notification, always with hidden sensitive content

    5) Detect my face and show the contents of the notification ... DO NOT GO TO THE HOME but remain in the lockscreen.

    6) Now I can slide to access the home (I was recognized in the face) or leave the phone on the desk and since I am in the lockscreen after a few seconds the display will turn off

    Thank you so much! I hope it will be available with the next Beta update so I can test it.

    good job!

  • New beta but functionality not present, I hope that in the next release (beta or official) this lack will be resolved, present in all other android devices, but removed by asus, I do not understand why, so it is stressful to use the phone.

    In beta 7 there is still the bug of some texts in quick tiles that do not scroll, or rather they do random

    Fingers crossed to see things fixed in the next version, but I'm losing hope of seeing it fixed :(


  • I've asked our devs to look into this exact scenario that you're describing. I can get everything to work as you want it except in the 2nd stage. Currently the screen wakes up (not AOD though) but the the main problem is that there's no notification.

    The settings I used were "Lift to check phone" & "New notifications" in display settings. For lock screen Face recognition I enabled "Unlock device" & "Show Notifications" (Detect face to show all notifications on the....)

  • Beta 8 - Problems still here :(

    Another bug: When you receive a call it rings even after answering for another 10 seconds or so, it's a bad problem...

    Text sliding on tiles is bugged...

    Notification issues not solved...

    Not good

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