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Android 10 Beta 2 - Notification Issue?

Star II
I have installed beta 1/2 of Android 10 , if I set:

- Face unlock 
- Reveal face to show all notifications on the lock screen, swipe up to access the home screen 
- Turn on the display when a new notification arrives
When a notification arrives, there is no way to tell what app it came from! Only the clock appears without any icon. Go to the lockscreen this is not visible, no notification is visilbe (correct and consistent with what is set in the face unlock menu).
After Face recognition notifications appears. Slide to go to Home

If instead
- Face unlock
- Show sensitive content only if unlocked or do not turn on the second item in the face lock menu
- Turn on the display when a new notification arrives
in this way the notifications appear when the display is automatically turned on, but there is no way to unlock the phone and remain in the lockscreen. You must go to the home, go automatically to Home.

Another option would be useful instead:
 When notification arrive the display turns on, an icon of the app that sent the notification appear, as it happens in the second case.
 In the lockscreen the sensitive contents is showed only if unlock whit face recognition, before only the icons or the notifications of the apps without sensitive contents is showed.
 Gave me the possibility to access the home screen with a slide from the lockscreen.
 A bit like all other android devices. Here it seems that this possibility is denied. A mix between the two possibilities

I hope is clear the explanation, many thanks