Contact edit, save option not working

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I tried to update the contact name, but it is doesnt update properly and it doesn't consider the updated device contact name. Instead it is fetching the details from the other application directory like whatsapp, Service provider, telegram application. Check out thr video and fix it ASAP.

Note: Adding extra character is allowed. While deleting the last name or company name, or surname, that strange things happens.


  • Hi, can you please move your contact to google account and make changes n see if changes are shown proper because for what's app I think it is taking from Google account.

  • I've seen this behaviour from other users on ZenFone 6 too but I have never been able to replicate it myself. Even if I do exactly like you do on your phone with a contact connected to whatsapp.

    If you want, we can log your device. Maybe we can find out why. I send you a PM with instructions

  • RenzRenz Level 1

    I think you can only edit the name of the contact on its app like edit the Whatsapp contact on the Whatsapp..

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