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Custom DNS for WiFi doesn't work?

Star I

Model Name: Asus ROG phone 5
Firmware Version: 33.0210.0210.242
Android: 13
Rooted or not: no
Tencent: no
Frequency of Occurrence: always

I've set up AdGuard Home on my Raspberry Pi 4  to block annoying Ads and Malware and adjusted the Wifi Router's IPv4 & IPv6 settings to route my internet traffic through the Raspberry PI 4.

Since I changed the IPv4 & IPv6 settings within my Router, you usually don't need to change anything within the devices connecting to that Router.

While this setup works fine on multiple devices without the need to adjust any DNS Settings on those:

  • Gaming PC
  • Laptop
  • My second phone (motorola edge 20 with ios android 13 - same as my Asus Phone)
  • My father's phone (Huawei Y7)

It only fails on my Asus ROG Phone 5 and here is why:

My Asus phone is the only device that appends as a 3. DNS within the Wifi Settings and then uses that 3. DNS as the main DNS server whysoever.

Here are the steps I've tried to get rid of that 3. DNS (keep in mind that I had to do none of that on the other devices for it to work):

  • Changing both DNS servers in the Wi-Fi IP settings to my Raspberry Pi's IP.
  • Leaving the secondary DNS field blank.
  • Disabling the "Private DNS" option.

None of that worked. In all of those cases, only the Asus phone still appends as a 3. DNS and uses it as the main DNS server, no matter what I try.



If I use literally the default settings on my motorola edge 20 phone, you can see that it only uses the DNS IP of my Raspberry Pi without any additional IP which works totally fine out of the box for me: 



The only solution for the Asus Rog Phone 5 that I've found so far is using an app called "DNS Changer" to set the custom DNS to my Raspberry Pi's IP this way. It then starts some kind of VPN to the custom DNS which works, but I'd prefer to configure this without relying on external apps.

I found a post of someone else who had the exact same issue here, but without a real solution: 

The only "answer" to the post above was: "This dns only goes up if there is something wrong in the DNS resolution 1 and 2". However that can NOT be the case here since:

  1. it works fine if I set the exact same DNS IP within the third party "DNS Changer" App.
  2. it works fine with the same settings on my motorola edge 20 which has the same IOS version
  3. it also adds the if I use a working cloudflare DNS at 1 and 2


It more or less seems like the operating system is configured in a way, where it always no matter what sets up as a third dns which is then used as the main dns instead.

Does anyone have a solution for this issue?