Why did you close my discussion Mr Andres?

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I didn't install the beta from any forum!! I received the beta update from you guys. I registered through your website for the beta update and I didn't get any support from you . Buying an Asus device was the biggest mistake I made in 2019.


  • What beta version were you on?

    It's called beta for a reason pal

    They'll probably fix it in stable (if enough people report it)

  • I'm not gonna wait anymore.

    If anyone is interested to buy my phone let me know. It was a stupid decision to change from Samsung.

  • Hmm that's your call pal

    You are an official beta tester i guess the mod thought you did the update manually.The download links are all over XDA and a few more places so seems like some kind of mix up

    Continue from this thread here

    And btw Samsung isn't great either pal.

    They make/break features every couple of updates and One UI is bloated + the recent revelation that their cc cleaner app sends user data to Chinese servers

  • BETA testers should have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Please report issues in the closed test feedback area.

  • There is no designated area to report. Moderators never respond and if they responded they don't check whether you are an Asus beta tester or not. They just accuse you then close your discussions.

  • Well there is a designated area for beta testers bruh

    Click on that

    Go to community section

    See Zenfone 5z beta program there?

    You'll have Rog 2 beta program section there

    Report stuff/bugs there and chat about beta related things exclusively in that section ( a mod will answer your queries and if the issue is widespread it gets added up in the bug list

    Btw i was an official beta tester for Zenfone 5z

  • Thank you for the clarification. I never received any notification regarding that section. I don't know what Asus was thinking!! How should I know there was a designated section. Since I updated my look phone I have been posting discussions about the issues and the moderators just closing my discussions and accusing me of downloading the beta update through an unknown source without informing me about this designated section. Talk about user experience!!

    Anyhow it's too late for me, I'm not gonna wait for moderates to ignore my discussions and close them. I have the international version 512 GB and I'm selling it as soon as I get an offer.

    Thank you

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    They did provide the link to the thread in the mails they sent out

    That link there directs to the specific beta thread for the Zenfone 5z

    Rog 2 just recieved it's 5th beta (I dunno if it'll get beta 6 or stable next) try reporting your issue there once

    All I'll suggest to atleast hold on till it gets a stable A10

    It's totally your decision pal and if you wanna sell it do so but there's nothing better in the market right now that's just my view and you are free to feel otherwise :D

    Zen UI 6 based on android 10 is a big improvement over Zen UI 6 based on android pie you can feel the fluidity in gestures and animations.

  • Do not disclose personal information (name, phone number, etc.) of the moderator

  • Sorry my bad ?

    Thanks for the heads up tho

    I edited the picture

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