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Proof that Asus can improve their Camera software !

Hey guys ! Any one using GCam or Google camera on their ROG 2 here?. I have been using the GCam from past few days and there seems to be lot of difference in the pictures. Especially night mode , the pics taken using GCam seem to have better colour r...

I71O4NOF0Y14.jpg HROSE5KGZC3Z.jpg 9B3LAU2XMDIV.jpg 0FYZG8HL5UU5.jpg

Battery drainage

Am not getting great battery backup even though i am using my phone at 60Hz.playstore is draining battery like anything.i even tried force stopping playstore but to no avail.What to do?

Internet problem in my ROG2

Check this screen shot guys this was happening to me once every 2-3 days . But now it's happening 3 -4 times a day . Have to on and off AEROPLANE mode for it to load.See i have full signal on bar.


Security Update - not updating

Anyone having the same issue? I saw some users that their security update is up till december 2019. When I try to update it says it is up to date.Im using the Ultimate Edition tho. Still on Android 9. Any help or work around will be appreciated. Th...

Kryxis by Star I
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Software update

I use ROG 2 .. Battery backup is low and monthly updates not received.still now October patch only received.y this delay for updates

ROG Phone 2 Cannot Boot

Hi bought an ASUS ROG Phone 2 from flipkart in India in December and it is still in warranty. I am based overseas. About a week ago, the phone ran out of battery and shutdown, I tred to charge but it was not charging. I then tried to hold the power a...

When can I expect the kunai gamepad to release in the UK?

Asus said a while back to expect the accessories with the release of the ultimate edition in late November but now it's well into January and still no sign. I don't want to buy it off third party websites as they are over priced and I can't trust the...

DanielG by Star I
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Issue with scheduled charging mode

Guys if some could help me out on this it would be great !There is a scheduled charging mode in battery manager where in if you set in a particular time in that period the phone charges appropriately to the duration set , say between 10 PM to 6AM the...


Fingerprint animation on even after unlocking screen

Guys anyone else facing this issue where even after locking the screen the fingerprint animation is still there ? It has happened about 2 to 3 times on the last 1 month so it's not an regular problem but it's still annoying when it happens @Anders_A...



Guys i had exams so i was only studying for past 15 days and from today i started playing pubG and also i downloaded it's update. Omg omg the game is soo STUDDERY .The fps meter is showing 58-60 fps but the game is so much STUDDERY when even one sin...