Android 10 Bugs Asus 5Z

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I have a lot of bugs after i installed Android 10

the apps closed suddenly

the Bluetooth doesn't work good

the network connection doesn't work good

the camera doesn't work good



  • And I can vouch that i didn't face any of those bugs (I'm on a Zenfone 5z too)

    Only thing that needs fixing is battery optimisation and yeah management isn't as good as it was in pie so yeah these are the only two things i would like to get fixed in android 10.

    Gotta say this was a good update tho

    Zen UI 6>5 in all aspects

  • I feel like after the Android 10 update, the UI almost turned into stock android (appearance wise)

  • I upgraded my Zenfone 5z to android 10, and I'm facing these issues too. First of all , the battery optimisation is horrible, can't even get through a day with very light usage. Next, apps keep closing suddenly out of nowhere, even while typing this, spotify stopped twice. Gboard takes 3 seconds to pop up while wanting to type something. It feels like this phone has 1GB of RAM instead of 6GB. Please fix these issues Asus. ZenUI 6 surely looks way better than ZenUI 5, but the terrible software optimisation is just making this experience ridiculous.

  • After the update I am also facing battery drain issue, camera is worse than before and one more , my otg stopped working.. it's working in other phone, not iny 5z

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    Hi! Im having exactly same issue. My apps is getting killed whenever I switch from one to another. Gboard is getting killed too. Most of times I don't get notifications from apps. When I'm listening to Spotify, the app just closes when screen turn off. I have Android 10.

    This is making impossible to use the smartphone. I don't know how Asus still didn't notice it and fixed it. I hope this is a temporary problem from Android 10 and that they will fix soon.

  • Anyone that play PUBG, Identity V or any first or third person game: Slightly (slowly, precisely) moving the camera while controlling the character make the touch swiping feel choppy to you too?

  • Same thing is happening for me too.... Whenever I switch from browser to other apps and come back browser page reloads and gboard is very slow and even while listening to music sometimes app closes (i use spotify by the way)

    Now while using new gesture navigation the back button is invisible when swiped from either side but it does what it was intended to do

  • How to install Android 9 to 10 and fix call recording

  • I advise you to make a factory reset, many of these problems will be solved.

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    The battery drain problem is just unacceptable, it's doesn't last half a day even thought it's mostly in sleep mode. Please fix this asap.

  • This is so true. Asus needs to be more professional. They are behaving as if they don't give a damn about customers. Asus remember every single customer you lose is a nail in your coffin. Respect customers.

  • Fix is incoming soon may be in coming week its delayed coz of corona virus Chinese government halt last two weeks and all updates for various devices are still not released android 10 for rog2 5Z stable A10 UPDATE also max pro m1 A10

    All this will be released very soon as soon as everything in china gets stable lets wait and try to understand ?

    Already confirmed by mods updates for all devices are coming very soon ??

  • I just encountered this new bug .... I'm not sure if it's the launcher or the system bug cause it appears only on the home screen. Check below. I did restart my device and tried clearing launcher cache but didn't work

  • Has anyone recieved new update

  • Yes. Standby drain has been reduced a lot and screen time also increased. UI is even more fluid now. a good update. Still January patch though

  • Yeah I also received just now

  • any idea How to Remove tht AM/PM icon frm Status bar...

    thts annoying ..

    eatng space

  • I have done factory reset after updating to .46 firmware. Bluetooth sound has reduced after factory reset.

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