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Check Reconditioned Statue (New or Refurbished)

Star II
I was trying to find a manual way to check the *Reconditioned Status" of "Zenfone 5z".
I talked to the Asus support using chat option, but it wasn't much helpful as they failed to provide me with a manual process to check the "Reconditioned status" by my self on the very device.
The phone is running most recent Android 10, In few other (non Asus) smartphones dialing this: ##786# or *#*#786#*#* worked. But not on my device.
As mentioned, I discussed on the live chat support and even though they confirmed the device doesn't have any repair history but didn't provided me any other single detail.
In case I have to check similar on another Zenfone, it will be bit labour intensive to jump in to online chat support just for a "confirmation" and no numbers or actual data to back up that confirmation. But more importantly, speaking from a buyer's prospective I was expecting this status check procedure to be more transparent.
Any help will be appreciated ! ✌?