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When I Record two or more vídeos the Instagram can't upload all videos, Just first.

In other discussion, an user said this bug is in Android 10, because when we revert to Android 9 we fix this bug.


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    Do you mean uploading two videos you recorded with the Asus camera app, at once?

    Or you are using the Instagram camera to record a video - post it, then record one more and try to post it (and that doesn't work)?

    Edit; can you also try to clear the Instagram app's cache/data?

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    From information we have, this looks to be an Instagram issue on Android 10. There are similar threads on other brands' forums as well.

    We'll report and monitor , hopefully Instagram can address this shortly.

    The bug occurs if trying to upload or take a video longer than 15sec (when Insta stories will break it up to two or more)

  • Been having this issue as well I thought it was just me

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