Screen is unresponsive although phone still functions

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I've experienced a couple instances of the phone's screen being stuck off, yet I can tell that the phone turns on when I double tap on the screen, or when I click the on button, as I can feel haptic feedback as expected from using my pattern security. Unit is a global 12/512 model.

In my experience, this usually happens when I charge the phone, using the original ASUS 30W Charging brick and USB-C to C charging cable. I've noticed this happen before, unrelated to charging, but it has not happened like that for a very long time now. The only times I find this happen is when charging and usually it will stop working once the % gets to around 50-60% which leads me to believe it could be due to the heat caused by hyper charging which is typically at its maximum around the middle %.

After the screen is blacked out, it does not come back on unless I hold down power button and volume down to soft reset the phone.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar at all? I was originally planning on waiting for Android 10 to come out as I thought maybe it was a software bug, but today even after unplugging the cable and soft resetting it blacked out again shortly after I unlocked the phone, requiring me to reset the phone again using power and volume down.


  • I am not experiencing this problem on the ROG phone 2 but I had a similar event with my old LG V20 but it happens once in a blue moon and I had to remove the battery and turn it on again. I have no explanation for this but I guess it does happen in other phones too. sometimes....not every time..

  • If you are at WW.44 at this moment you might be experiencing a lock screen bug, where phone is working, but screen refuses to process any input. Check your current version, if it's the one I mentioned - update to version 64 which fixes that bug.

  • No, different bug. I experienced that too, which did not prevent the screen from turning on, just didn't register touches. I am also already on .64.

  • Tried charging again with 30W charger but this time I didn't touch it until 75%. Turned on ok, no problems. Any chance this could be fixed in Android 10?

  • i stand corrected. It happened but for the first time ever it started working again without restarting the phone. Curiously, this time it was 82%, not extremely hot but I think the cause may actually be notifications. When the notification appears on a turned off screen, the black background with notification at the top does not fully illuminate. It is dimmer than usual and it has the blue light filter applied which usually doesn't apply to the screen when it's just displaying a notification. To fully outline what happened today with the bug:

    • Notification received from an app (app seems to have no correlation as it has been any number of different apps, including Messages.) Notification is dimmer than usual and has warmer colours, in line with the blue light filter but in other circumstances would not be filtered.
    • Grab phone and place fingerprint on scanner to try unlock phone
    • Fingerprint icon and blue light from screen to help the scanner read my finger does not appear. No noticeable effect of my finger touching the screen
    • I double tap screen to turn on screen, after a short delay the screen turns on, still very warm colours and dimmer than my usual brightness. No response to my fingerprint, nor any touches on the screen.
    • I press the on/off button to no effect. Double tapping the screen turns the screen off. I unplug the phone from charger.
    • Turning the screen back on seems to be impossible. I verify that the same bug has occurred by clicking the on/off button and swiping up to get to my pattern lock, swiping haphazardly on the screen confirms as there is haptic feedback.
    • This is where I try to tap on the screen a couple of times, swiping around trying to get it to respond. Screen turns on after double tapping.

    I have no idea why it is doing this. As per my post above, my initial turning on of phone after charging was successful. I was able to unlock and use the phone without any problem.

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