ROG Gamepad - Key Mapping Analog stick issues

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It's very stuttery looking when moving in games. It also commits to a full slide if you press the stick quickly and let go. Making you move more than it should in games like shoot'em ups.

It pretty much makes it unusable for me in a game like Azur Lane. I just ended up mapping the D-Pad instead. Which isn't as great for moving diagonal though.

I uploaded a video to show it off. You can see that when I move the thumb-stick in a smooth circle it stutters in game and if I flick the stick in a direction and let go instantly. It keeps moving. It's like the input does not stop until it's fully reached the outer edge. It is also treating a very slight tilt as a full input. So fine movement is out of the question too.


  • I've literally not found anything attachable to this phone to be lag free a so far. I'm paying out the ass for a bunch of products that might as well be from madcatz.

    The desktop dock is a laggy mess with minimal user control, cant tweak resolutions or anything.

    Plug a controller in? Good luck it probably is clunky as hell when you actually get to using the sticks. Even if you use the dock usb nothing works

    Ok so the controller lags? I'll just try mkb and game genie. Oh wait I cant shrink buttons beyond the joystick input and if you press 4 keys at the same time the phone acts like you are trying to farm crypto with it.

    For a gaming phone it runs suspiciously like a 3rd party product even when asus produces their own add ons

  • I'm not really getting any input lag. The only real input lag I get is when I use the desktop dock. The mouse cursor has some horrible input lag. It's bad no matter what or how I connect the mouse. I tried it on three different mice. I think the lag on mouse cursors is a recent Android software thing.

    The mouse input on my Nvidia SHIELD tablet isn't that bad and it's stuck on Android 7(Lollipop). Google has gone out of their way to make Android less physical keyboard and mouse friendly. There isn't even an option to change the cursor speed anymore. Which did exist in older Android versions.

  • That's both interesting and depressing:(

  • There are some software & hardware challenges when working with screen overlay controls and small physical controls like the Kunai. There's definitely room for improvement and we will take your feedback very seriously and do our best to improve the software and add more features for a better gaming experience

    How much input lag would you say that you're experiencing? I'm not a gamer but when I try my dock with a mouse, I would say that there's no noticeable input lag at all. This is from moving the cursor on the home screen. Not in any games.

  • One of the games I play on the dock I use the mouse strictly for clicking things. So it's quiet noticeable. It feels like 100-200 ms lag. It causes me to over-shoot icons and things in-game all the time because of the delay.

    I use a dedicated 1440p 144Hz 1ms G-Sync Dell monitor just for consoles/ROG Dock. It's connected via HDMI to my capture card, which I use the pass-through to directly the Dell monitor. I tried bypassing the capture card as well. But that doesn't help at all.

    I've tried three different mice. One Bluetooth Microsoft one, Wired Logitech G502, Wireless Logitech G602. All three have the same sluggish movement. The BT Microsoft one is even worse, since it is BT.

  • What if you only have the dock, the phone and the mouse and you're not playing any game. Still lag?

  • Yes. It's still sluggish. Even without any game running.

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    I've been told that this will be fixed/improved with GamePad FW v1.3.9

  • Rubberband movement with sticks still existing and when I use onscreen keymapping I get alot of freezez and movement stick should be analogic... Even small push activates full tilt forward and automatic sprinting.

    At this time this gamepad has been very expensive paperweight. It is alot easier to use touch screen. This fix is urgently needed.

    And why the hell gaming phone does not support game genie to all controllers?

    I like DS4 controller more than Kunai cause of the stick movement is a bit bigger.

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