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Rog kunai 3 gamepad issue

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When I press the left joystick to the left the input registered is the action for L2 trigger, for example when playing cod mobile moving left joystick to left should Strafe left but instead it aims the weapons, this issue happens on all games played now


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Update: rang Asus they told me product is under warranty but they can't do anything I have to contact Amazon and that the product serial number is registered in Germany and I am based in UK , even though when I went on Asus UK website to buy gamepad had a where to buy link which I clicked and bought gamepad from Amazon, so it was pointless contacting Asus zero help, contacted Amazon they will issue a refund and now I can't find anywhere to buy the GamePad in white so disappointed now

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Amazon is great but it is imperative to check 'Sold by Amazon' when you buy a product with a national guarantee, which is the case with Asus, if you can call it a guarantee.

Why be disappointed, you just saved more than 100€, when it's not the Kunai that's broken, it's anyway a firmware update that makes it unusable, which is also true for Aerocooler 6.
And when finally there is a bug-free firmware (vain hope), the accessory is no longer sold, this is already the case for the KUNAI 3 of Rog5 and even worse, a user of ROG 6 with a Kunai 3 of ROG 5 will never be able to use it, as the shell is not manufactured.
Sell your ROG 6 now and forget the ASUS brand, because if you're disappointed now, be brave for the future.

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I did check and it was sold by Amazon, and I agree with the rest of the points you make this is my first experience with owning a Rog phone disappointing how much it cost and products don't seem to last, so I'm thinking about selling my Rog phone 6 pro and buying steam deck

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I have been looking online now to buy a replacement kunai 3 gamepad for Rog phone 6 in moonlight white and it's out of stock contacted Asus they don't know if they will have it in stock, I did find one seller but there selling it for double the price 🫤