Zenfone 6 on AT&T in US - Anyone getting LTE?

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I have recently started using the Zenfone 6 (Version C). I purchased it as it was advertised as a working US model and I read that it would be fully compatible with AT&T on LTE.

I really like this phone but I am experiencing few problems.

I do not seem to get LTE anywhere, but rather only H+ signal everywhere. Also I do not receive all text messages. I will randomly get only about half of my sms messages. All mms messages work fine. Lastly, visual voicemail cannot be set up. I've read that volte or wifi calling also do not work but I am less concerned about this.

I have contacted AT&T many times about this to no avail.

Has anyone else experienced this or has anyone been able to resolve these issues?

What has been your experience using the zenfone 6 on AT&T in the US?

A phone should not be advertised as a US model for LTE GSM networks if it isn't compatible with the largest one...



  • see if channels of US match with channel accepted by zenfone 6, otherwise no chance of working

  • Is this SIM card shows LTE/4G on other phone? Probably you have to go to ATT store and change your SIM card(usually it is free, at least I got for free). Mine shows 4G or 4G+ on ATT SIM card

  • Yes I have also tried this SIM in other phones and they get LTE. I also tried getting a new SIM already. The SIM card is not the issue.

  • I have looked at this website in the past. It appears only one band is missing for LTE, but that not all should be needed.

    This is why I am looking for others' experience so that I can know if the problem is compatibility or something else.

  • I have the same issue on T-Mobile in the US. It switches once the call connects.

  • I have 4G on AT&T in the SF Bay Area. I did have issues with connection when I took the phone to Arizona.

    See if setting a manual APN will help you.

    A guide is here:

    And AT&T's recommended APN settings are here:


  • This would appear to me to be a result of the lack of support for volte. I have read that this is a known issue in Tmobile from others.

    I do not get 4G at all. Do you ever find yourself missing text messages?

  • Do you mean missing them as in they never show up? Not that I am aware of, though most of the "texting" I do is with my wife and we use Signal, which is data rather than SMS. The LTE/4G stuff isn't a big deal to me as I don't do many phone calls, really, but it would be nice that it could work since it is 2019 lol.

  • I'm missing text messages all the time. I don't get that many calls but several people already mentioned that their calls went straight to the v/m. This is so annoying and it seems like the problem goes back to 2015, with several other Asus phones. One user discovered that switching to 2G was the only "fix". I'm on T-mobile, Zenfone 6, US version. I've been with T-mo since 2010, and never ever had anything like this. Another weird thing is that you have to call V/M number to listen to your voicemails. Those problems still exist after the Android 10 update. My wife is on T-mo, Pixel 3, and has no issues at all. I really like my phone much better than Pixel, but those limitations are annoying.

  • Hi guys. Are you all on Android 10? Have you factory reset your devices since upgrading to 10? Can you verify that your APN is set correctly for your provider?

    If you answered yes to all of that and are still having data/SIM issues, I'd like to log your phone to see what's going on. Reply here and I'll send the log tool with instructions via PM.

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    I get LTE and 5G-E speeds on my Zenfone 6, but I never see "LTE" next to the signal bar. I'll see "4G" or "4G+" when getting LTE or 5G-E speeds, and "H+" when receiving older legacy 4G HSDPA+ speeds.

    I think "4G" is LTE in the ZenUI interface.

    Perhaps Asus should consider changing the data signal type abbreviations to "LTE" and "5G-E" respectfully.

    @sheridangustin @LP_ASUS

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    In addition, @sheridangustin: Try RootMetrics Coverage Map and use the "Test" feature to confirm whether or not you're actually on LTE or not.


  • Hi, I'm on Android 10, no factory reset. I had this problem before the upgrade. Btw, I'm getting new glitches since the update, like mute during a call, and also when I get a call, the sound will come out both speakers. Quick fix for both issues is to switch on and off speakerphone. I'm not worried about those, since I never had them before, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    As for the calls going straight to the v/m, I've switched to 2/3G only and so far no one has complained. 3G speed is fine, so it is a good temporary fix.

    Should I try to reset the phone, do you think that should help? Thanks for your help. If that won't help, I'll PM you, so that you can take a look.

  • Since you have three separate issues and haven't factory reset since upgrading to 10, please try that.

    After the reset, I am fairly sure you will still have the mute during a call issue (we are fixing this in a future FOTA). But if you see the missing SMS messages, calls going straight to v/m, or sound coming out of both speakers problems come back up I'd like to log your phone at that point.

    I'm sorry to hear that you have so many strange issues going on. I'll send you the log tool if things don't improve after the reset.

  • OP: I currently have ATT with the zenfone 6 I got about a week ago. When I had the 5z (sadly lost it due to some HW bug?) I had this exact problem where it refused to get out of H+. My ancient ATT branded S5 was getting LTE just fine but not the 5Z. After a few days 4G+ was showing. I did tweak around the APN which may have kicked it after multiple SIM eject/inserts to the S5 for verification. For the zenfone 6 I did nothing except insert SIM and it was provisioned correctly from the start. Did you register the IMEI with ATT? Maybe that's something they need to do to activate something special?

    I do still drop down to H+ during a phone call but still have very reasonable connectivity for being on the phone.

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    Unfortunately I'm getting the same bugs, some calls go to the v/m, delayed/missed text messages, and whenever someone calls me, the sound is coming out of both speakers. I had no missed calls/messages issues when I switched to 2g/3g only.

    The mute glitch is gone thought. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays!

  • Can you please send me the log, same issues, mute bug is gone though.

  • I have a problem I only grab h + when colo 4g does not connect I am in Venezuela the band of my operator is band 3 1800mhz

  • I have found a tweak that has worked for me.

    I live in NYC and have TMobile. Switched from a Motorola g4+. Immediately after switching to the Zenfone 6 I started to have issues making calls and getting them (didn't happen with the g4+). The signal bar would show a good signal, but calls would not go through. More than once I missed an important call because the person calling me got sent directly to voicemai, even though I had my phone next to me in my bedroom in a 3rd floor next to a window.

    I kind of figured that it might have to do with the LTE. So I went to the phone settings where you can force the phone to only use 3g. But it turns out that it doesn't work.

    Long story short, this is the solution I found. There is a way to access the phone's advanced cellular settings. Where you can choose to keep the phone from using 4g LTE:

    1. Punch this into the dial pad #*#4636#*#

    This will take you to this screen:

    2. Select Phone Information.

    It'll take you to this:

    I can't show the top of the page because it has my phone's info, and I was too lazy to edit it out. Here you see the bottom part of it.

    3. Change the Set Preferred Network Type to Global Auto (PRL). Give it a couple of seconds and you'll see the information above this setting change from LTE to in my case HSPA and UMTS.

    With this setting modified, I now have the same connectivity as I did with my G4+. Haven't noticed a big change in the data speed. I can still stream 480p YouTube videos when I have a solid signal. And the calls are decent in quality. Nothing like the HD audio you get with VoLTE, but it's better than nothing.

    I first tried 3G only, but I couldn't even load Google some times. Calls were ok though.

    Absolutely love all other aspects of my Zenfone 6, but if I had been aware of this issue before purchasing the phone, I would have spent my money on something else.

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