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Zenfone 6 on AT&T in US - Anyone getting LTE?

I have recently started using the Zenfone 6 (Version C). I purchased it as it was advertised as a working US model and I read that it would be fully compatible with AT&T on LTE.
I really like this phone but I am experiencing few problems.
I do not seem to get LTE anywhere, but rather only H+ signal everywhere. Also I do not receive all text messages. I will randomly get only about half of my sms messages. All mms messages work fine. Lastly, visual voicemail cannot be set up. I've read that volte or wifi calling also do not work but I am less concerned about this.
I have contacted AT&T many times about this to no avail.
Has anyone else experienced this or has anyone been able to resolve these issues?
What has been your experience using the zenfone 6 on AT&T in the US?
A phone should not be advertised as a US model for LTE GSM networks if it isn't compatible with the largest one...

Rising Star II

I use Google dialer. You should be able to dial *#*#INFO#*#* in it.

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Nope, it doesn't work on Google dialer on my phone, Nothing happens after entering the codes.

Zen Master III
It works for me. I have installed Google Phone 49.0.310849690-publicbeta from Google Play Store. All permissions granted and set as Phone app. Asus dialer is disabled.