Camera malfunction?

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Am I doing something wrong or is my unit defective?

I really love my new Zenfone 6 in so many ways but I am having so much trouble when trying to take still photos of my 1,5 year toddler that I am about to give up ang get another phone.

When I activate the camera and aim at the subject in PHOTO mode all is fine. But after I press the the button it takes often such a long time before the image is captured that usually I end up with a completly different photo that the intended moment.

I tried restoring all settings and still the problem remains. Please advise. I expected taking photos being quite easy and straight forward with this brand new phone. Please help me solve this issue so I can keep this wonderful piece of equipment


  • Make sure you're not using 48MP or HDR++. If that's not the case disable "pre-autofocus" (I don't know how exactly it's translated in English) in camera settings.

  • Always these settings for fastest capture response time

  • There can be a variety of reasons; I would say we, based on the current information , are not able to deduce if there is a camera malfunction.

    As users already mentioned;

    48MP will have a longer shutter speed due to the nature of the resolution - that may cause motion blur if you arent holding it still/subject is not moving/the light conditions are good.

    If you are using the HDR+ Enhanched (HDR++) mode, that also takes a longer time to process due to it taking several frames (more than 3) in succession for highlight smoothing - that also can introduce blur if not kept still.

    Could you try again with the settings suggested above?

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