Feature request: Mobile Manager - Battery Care charge limiter

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I've noticed that the Battery Care module in Mobile Manager works as a sort of "battery limiter". It will let the phone charge normally up to about 80%, then wait until the end time gets near before continuing to charge. My feature request is a general charge limiter not connected to any schedule. The user would then be able to tell the phone to never charge past XX% when the phone is plugged in, regardless of when. Similarly to the already existing feature (see screenshot), there could be a notification to disable it for the current charging session.

https://us.v-cdn.net/6031231/uploads/830/TESSEE4CJUTD.png There was an error displaying this embed.

With a battery as big as the one in the 6, many users have no need to always charge to 100%, and increase the battery lifespan at the same time. This feature could also enable the phone to be used while plugged in for long browsing/gaming/video sessions, you could have the phone plugged in while the battery SoC staying at 75%, not using charging cycles and not keeping the battery pinned at 100% (which is also damaging for the battery)

I love my Zenfone 6, and I believe that this feature could make it even better, and allow the battery to stay great for as long as possible.


  • Yeah, I suggested it twice already and all I got was a quarrel about infamous "micro-charging". I find it more practical than just a scheduler but I don't believe this feature will be implemented anymore.

  • We have all your suggestions in nicely organized list of requested features. This is what I consider a good suggestion but there are a lot of factors that decides if it will become a reality or not. Let's cross our fingers and hope it makes it.

  • Thx. Again, if the devs say they won't do it, before checking the item off the list, maybe allow access to sysfs /sys/class/power_supply/battery/enable_battery_charging entry so that we can code it ourselves. I wrote the directory here so much I memorized it ?

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