Performance loss on Android 10

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Since the android 10 update, I have noticed a serious drop in performance that happens by period.

The phone runs smoothly for several hours, and sometimes (once or twice a day) it gets really slow for 10 to 20 minutes. Switching between apps takes several seconds, rotation too and the response time when clicking is a lot longer than usual.

This seems to happen in any app ( youtube, chrome, Instagram...) and without doing a heavy task like launching several large apps at a time. I also didn't install any apps since the update.

Another issue is that RAM management is way more aggressive, nothing stays in ram for mor than a few hours, while before I had pretty much all the frequently used apps in memory at all times. In the mobile manager, I noticed that ram use never goes past 4.5gb (6gb model) while it was always at 5.5 on Pie. This gig seems to make a big difference. I updated last week so optiflex should be working normally by now.

I would like the dev team to work on that, because these issues are not normal for a flagship phone.

I'll also throw some bugs I noticed since 10:

- Sometimes the recent apps takes me to a random app instead of the latest one used.

- Power master constantly shows the notification saying that an app is using battery in the background when using a music app (didn't do that before).

- Sometimes swiping down on the home screen and/or on the fingerprint scanner to go to the notifications doesn't work

- Using split - screen still shows the 3-button navigation bar instead lf using the gestures.

Thank you guys if you can work on this.


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    You can turn off the monitoring for battery drainage. Pie did that for me on Spotify and a podcast app until I turned it off on pie.

    Power master --> battery saving options --> turn off "detect battery draining apps"

  • Ram management is definitely on the aggressive side

    And as far as the lag in ui goes....i experienced it and was almost fedup with it...reboot didn't solve the issue for 2-3 days but then again i rebooted it and it miraculously is working properly

  • Mods won't admit that there is problem of lag in UI or atleast they think only few people are experiencing it so they will tell u to factory reset... that's pretty much it

  • Yes there is a lag and i think asus will improve 10 performance with upcoming updates and i think asus knows this that is why they officially made available downgrader.

  • @skylerwolfe Thanks man. That solved the problem.

    @prashanth @paras0710 Let's hope they will acknowledge the problem if enough people complain!

  • Update: performance is now CONSTANTLY CATASTROPHIC if I don't restart it everyday. That's just not acceptable. This seriously needs a patch.

  • @Mr.Doge after reading your comments i m afraid of updating my phone to android 10 as its working awesome for me on android 9...whats ur opinion should i update it or not??

  • my phone working fine on android 10, no problems. I was afraid, but everything went well

  • I did a factory reset and it's been 2 days... it's fine for now but let's see how long it lasts

  • I think you should because it seems to be working for most people. Also like @prashanth said a factory reset can solve the problem. But I really don't want to factory reset so i'll wait a bit to see if the mods @Anders_ASUS  and @LP_ASUS can relay it to the devs.

  • People have been having various random issues that were mostly all resolved by a factory reset. For those that weren't we're investigating what's happening on a case by case basis.

    I'd be happy to log your phone now if you want, but a factory reset really seems like the most painless option. It might take a few weeks to hear back from a phone log investigation. Do you want to deal with this for weeks before attempting a factory reset?

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    I have gone through most of the comments and agree that Android 10 upgrade is not upto the mark. I expected much better from Asus. Given an official option I would definitely downgrade to Android 9.

    There is lag while switching and using apps. Worst impact can be seen on fingerprint sensor. It was awesome however after update it's frustrating and slow.

    Aux connection to automobiles have stopped working for phone calls, now I need to rely on phone speakers.

    I feel that camera app too have been impacted, photos under unnatural or low lights have higher noise compared to previous version.

    Waiting for a patch or update to resolve all this, else want an option to downgrade. Some how this option has been given to Asus USA customers.

  • Buddy don't even try there interest is zenfone 6 low on as they are trying to mint money through ROG. I am just waiting for the option to sell appear on Flipkart and i will move to some other manufacturer. Asus is all loud talks and no real resolution.

  • You CAN downgrade it officialy if it hasn't met your expectations.

  • Thanks for your answer. Right now it's been two days since the last reboot and no real performance degradation. The issue may be solved! I guess i'll have to factory reset if it is not...

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