How to switch data from 1st sim to 2nd sim in android 10?

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How to switch data from 1st sim to 2nd sim in android 10?earlier in pie this option was there but now i couldn't find anywhere. Tapping on data icon in notification panel leads to a page where this option is not available.. Please help me.


  • Now I have found setting for change of sim for data. But still on touching data icon on quick notification panel leads to wrong page.. Please correct it as soon as possible...

  • Hi

    It doesnt lead to the wrong page. It leads to the page Google intended to with Android 10.

    But I do understand what you mean, in so far that it does not lead to the same Settings page as in Android 9.

    This is as expected - and due to a design change in Android 10 , which we have decided not to override.

  • @CH_ASUS Can we get like toggle switch in the quick settings panel for changing SIM used for Data.

  • Ya its there in one plus... It's super convenient feature to have in notification panel.. Please mods ask developer for this

  • Thanks! This feature is already requested by other users and forwarded to our devs

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