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Auto panorama isn't clear for a 48mp camera. I guess the camera swivels fast without focusing. Please check on it.

Rustylord by Rising Star II
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Phone performance and bugs after updating to android 10

I have been using android 10 in my Asus 6z from 3-4 days i found few issues and bugs that I'll mention in points 1. Battery consumption has been increased . My phone battery according to my usage i used to get it for 2 days but after updating to andr...

Revanth by Rising Star I
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Asus 6Z restarting after call disconnection.

My asus 6z is restarting everytime i disconnect a call from main screen ... But if I minimise the call screen and disconnect the call from there... There is no restart problem

Bring Back Video Recording In Pro Mode

The only reason that I've been sticking around with PixelMaster for several years now, is because it used to support Video in the Pro Mode which gave me a ton of features like manual focus, exposure, white balance etc. I have made some amazing videos...

Flickering while recording SloMo videos

Hi Guys, my brand new phone flickers while taking SloMo videos, not sure if it's a software or a hardware problem.Does anyone else facing the same issue. See attached sample video.

Narrow down, Asus Zenfone 6/6z reboot issue

I am just trying to narrow down the random reboot issue. People having this issue, kindly use the format below to report:Asus Zenfone 6 or Asus 6z(Indian version):64GB/128GB/256GB:Manufacturing Date (Please check the box):Issue since Android P or And...

High pitch noise in video recordings

Again a small but noticable problem. Listen to the video I provided with full volume and you should be able to hear for the first 3 seconds a weird higher pitched noise. Then suddenly it just dissapears. Along with this I noticed microphone volume in...


I have bought asus 6z Mobile on 10th of October 2019 phone keeps on restarting again and again till now no solution i will get

erazzak by Star I
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ANDROID10-Statusbar Icon Bug

Do not Disturb icon showing even after i turned off the Do not disturb mode....Glove mode icon turned off in status bar icon manager but it will keep showing in status bar after turning on the Glovemode...Wifi icon is fine...Not checked other icons

Krish by Rising Star I
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Dark theme scheduled

Dark theme (colour) working fine , but we need scheduled dark theme From sunset to sunrise Need this update