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Lock screen issue

What is this on the lock screen..the black thing and it has happenes multiple times. It gets stuck and cant remove it unless i fc the app.

Resolved! Didn't get new update yet

Heyy i m from India n i didn't get that android 10 update.So can u please inform me when i will get this

Manan by Star II
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Asus 6z Bluetooth issue after android 10 update

So I've been using Bluetooth 5 aptx earphones since the phone was on Android 9 and after the update the earphones don't connect properly. After seeing the developer settings I realized the phone isn't connecting on aptx but instead standard profiles ...

Parth by Star II
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Request Asus Anders etc.

Dear Asus, thank you for a great phone, this is the second one because it broke first, this is great. My request - too much android, not enough zenui. Please add personalization of contacts in the message, I miss it very much, the background of the n...


Today Android 10 released on Europe for the Zenfone 6 and when I went to install it the phone completely bricked and now it wont boot. I already contacted support but while they respond I would like to know if there is any possible solution.Cheers

AXIS by Star I
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Battery estime wrong

Ather the update android 10 the extime time for a battery durate its not correct! Battery is 95%..... time extime life 3 houres !? ???? Someone saw this in yours zenfone 6?

Request: a new transition animation

Greetings to everyone in ASUS! I hope you guys are having a very good day. Today, I wish the request a new transition animation when transitioning inside an app. The old sliding right and left animation was fine but since updating to Android 10, I wo...

Call sound issue after Android 10 Update!!!

After updating to Android 10, I'm unable to listen to the caller's voice (I'm using Asus's stock earphones). For music, video etc. they are working absolutely fine. Have I done something with settings or is there any such bug with the recent update?