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Zenfone 6 Battery Life went down after update to Android 10...

Has anyone else noticed this......The battery that used to last me for two whole days on my everyday tasks is now discharging very quickly as fast as a single day and that too even when I am not doing too many tasks.It seems after the update the batt...

Judan by Star II
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Charging and thermal suggested change

evnchnThis power bank does not obey Quick Charge standards and outputs 12V, knowing that this phone only have 9V input, you know the consequences. Once killed my phone, luckily it was within 10 days of purchase and I was able to return it after it se...

evnchn by Rising Star II
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It would be interesting for ZenUI to have it.. Someone agree?

Hi, after some time I am using the ZF6 after my ZF 5Z.. I noticed one think, I am tired of changing the END time for "night charging", it would be good to set that automatically to the same time as alarm is set. I mean that user will set for example ...

Best feature on update

The vibration when i plug in my charger makes me feel satisfied. Really i love it. Thanks Asus????.How many agrees with that??? Comment below

Rustylord by Rising Star II
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Screenshot errors!

It begins two days after I upgrade zenfone 6 to android 10, all screenshot turn out to be like that, I tried to reboot my phone and unwilling to factory reset my phone, please help. My build number 17.1810.1910.68.


Resolved! How to unlock screen pinning

Can someone please tell me what's the home button here.I'm using the Android 10 gestural navigation.I had to restart my phone just to use it again.

Nanni by Star III
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Phone unlocking issue after upgrading to Android 10

At times there is a massive delay in unlocking the phone either using fingerprint sensor or by any other means. The phone stops responding for sometime and when it finally unlocks, there is a massive lag while using the phone for a while. Anyone else...

Ui stutters....worst experience

Look in the video when snapchat is open and i try to switch between apps the time required for it is like a 100$ phone and even in chrome so much lag.....ui is lagging too much after the new update...this is not the experience i was hoping for and af...

prashanth by Rising Star II
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