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Google AR isnt working in maps. There's no option for AR in it. Pls fix this

Even AR elements have a blurred camera bcuz of that, the app couldn't find a surface. Fix this too



  • Mine is working !

  • Which app is that maps or maps Street view

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    I had to get that ar option near that start button, but i didn't get


  • I bought Asus zenfone 6z a couple of months back . I'm suddenly facing this microphone issue where the other person on the call can't hear my voice . They can hear it only when i turn on speaker phone . I have also attached few screenshots of my board mic test , which shows one of the mic is not working properly . I don't whether it's a software/hardware issue . Please address me with this issue like , what's the problem or what i have to do next . Thanks in advance

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    You guys are getting that start AR option in maps i never seen that option in google maps even though i was updating both the apps correctly.I think it's not working or is it depends on the region where you live?pls someone reply for this. And i also suffering from blurred camera even in AR elements pls fix this@Anders_ASUS

  • Same here, Even i faced this issue. Asus cheated us by giving these fake dummy mic.

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    Today only i came to know that i can use google maps for live view using AR. When i select a destination in google maps i have to get that START IN AR button near start button but i was only getting normal start navigation button. Is it not working or is it available in selected regions only? please somebody reply to this. And even AR elements available in google or chrome is also not working because of blurred camera it can't able to detect the surface,fix this@Anders_ASUS

  • Back up your data and perform a factory reset. Before installing any apps back, try to make a phone call. If the mic still isn't picking up your voice, it is most likely a hardware issue and you should contact your local ASUS service center for a repair.

  • Hide apps need to be locked or else anyone can access the apps that are hidden. There's no point in hiding apps.

  • It works correctly for me. Kinda shame I can't rotate camera in AR mode because keeping phone 90° makes people think I'm recording them.

  • Have you tried checking the mic holes, if they are perhaps not open for some reason?

  • Where are you from? If in india where?@ColorSage Because i got the news that ARcore is not released in india. It's only tested in bangalore

  • It's working here in France (but it's mentioned BETA).

  • I'm in France, I start the walk trip and tilt my phone in front of me to have the AR displayed.

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    Isn't there a pin or fingerprint to get into hidden apps?

    1. Update google maps
    2. Your area needs to have street view
    3. Maps AR support in your country

    Then it will look like this in walking mode. Press Start AR/Live View

  • He's just trolling. I laughed out loud when I read that comment, so much that my colleagues looked at me :)

    This is either software or hardware. If it's software, then a reset will do the trick. Otherwize you will have to contact our support.

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    Well, I once bought a used Doogee phone in which the microphone was dead.

    I assumed it was just poor quality, Doogee is after all considered a "cheap" brand.

    The repair guy said it looked like someone had stuck a needle through the microphone hole and poked around, ruining the microphone.

    So, really, anything can happen, even dust or dirt from your pocket getting into the hole.

  • Yes, you need to have at least a pin for App lock so I don't understand. @nishaanth5000

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