Problem with editing and saving contacts

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I have found few bugs related to saving and editing contacts.

1. While you save a new number, few contacts come repeatedly to merge them even though each time you merge them

2. When you edit a contact, the old edited version of the contact is also saved along with the new one. So multiple contact with same number


  • Yes I am facing the same issue.

    Please @Anders_ASUS please provide the solution.

  • Yes even I am facing the same issue.

    1. Are you saying that you can merge the same contacts over and over again?
    2. I can't duplicate this on my ROG Phone II.

    Can you please make one more video where you don't jump back and fort as much. Please make contacts with easy names like contact 1, contact 2. So I can easily follow in the changes you make.

    I have a hard time following with the current contact names since I don't know these people

  • This phone has new problems every second jajajaaj, what is it that asus are launching? Hahaha

  • I have similar issue but mine will not save the name of the contact I entered and it will only use the phone number. See screenshot attached. I thought it's phone book specific, so I tried to save the contact via sim, device or email but they all give the same output.

    Some of my contacts with same problem were shown properly after I manually update the firmware but the problem still exist on the new one.

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