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Resolved! Disable fingerprint location indicator.

I want to disable onscreen finger print location indicator.. coz it keeps lighting on when I shake phone and it's useless coz I already got used to fingerprint unlock location. It can be disabled on other phone but can't find on this

Disable air trigger vibration...

How to disable air trigger vibration..I don't want air trigger to vibrate.. its annoying and it's more immersive without vibration because then it will be like touch controls

Quick Data Switch Tile

This phone is supposed to be a gaming phone and with the multiplayer games of today, Connectivity and maintaining ping is very important. The networks in India and world-over have improved in terms of data speeds however stability and ping maintenanc...

Nikzy by Star I
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Software optimization and few hardware issues.

Hi Guys,Few below pointers needs to be addressed in the next firmware upgrade to have a wonderful experience with Asus.1. Messaging app needs to be simplified. (Spam or junk messages needs to be under a single tab)2. Icons for work profile needs to b...

Camera improvements + red tint fix

Why mods are clearly avoiding comment on the request thread ? Is it too much to ask ?? I know Rog 2 is a gaming device but when its camera has the potential like 6z why not provide a good update to improve overall camera quality ( as its dulled out ...

RAIDEN_ by Rising Star II
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A bug while taking screenshot

Open any page and take a screenshot of it and then go back to the previous page by using gestures. While the screenshot is still on the lower end of the display the touch doesnt seem to work for 1-2 seconds.

Battery drainage issue while gaming

anyone facing battery draining issue when playing Pubg(hdr/extreme) while charging with 18w charger? it is a serious issue i have Oneplus 5 too i played pubg on it with the highest setting possible (hdr /ultra) while charging it with a normal power...

dpk by Star II
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Anyone else facing these??

1. Navigation Bar in gaming mode sometimes locked in it doesn't go back.2.Even though it's supposed to be the best in pubg mobile my name is on 3rd 4th got 100mbps connection.3.Sometimes true black becomes greyish or have a red taint.

DTS x turning off

While listening to songs if a call comes then DTS x audio is getting off..have to manually go to audio wizard to activate it again..please fix the issuePhone: Rog phone 2