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Accessories not available.

Basic accessories like temperd glass, cover are still not available in Indian market.And other gaming accessories like aero cooler are still not available.

Battery not charging while gaming.

Is this an issue? While i play games on my rog phone 2 the battery does not charge at all the % don't increase even after 1-2 hour of gaming it remains same Is this an issue is this happening with everyone or just me?

Vjy by Star I
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Only Battery % in status bar icon

Just wondering if any option to 'only' show the battery % in the status bar icon? Don't need a battery icon, when the percentage alone can show exact status.

LED flashes not working.

Two flashes are not working on rog 2.Only the top flash is working for torch, photo taken with flash, in pro mode, ultrawide photos and extreme dark conditions.Then what is the use of 2nd LED flash?

#Red Tint

Hey This is not an issue this is the part of theme check this by applying stock theme and then dark mode on that theme you didn't find this.

Anilkumar by Rising Star II
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Bring back gesture navigation like on rog1

Can plz bring Gesture navigation setting like on Rog1?(Rog1)swipe from the bottom to up on the edge of left to "back"Swipe from the bottom to up on the middle edge to "Home"Swipe from the bottom to up on the edge of right to openRecent tab(ROG2)Swipe...

Bumper RGB LED

Bumper RGB Led on backside near to Camera flash when did this RGB led blinks.I never see this LED glow

Anilkumar by Rising Star II
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