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Over saturation after processing of 4K and 8K video

Star II

Model Name: Asus rog 5s

Firmware Version: 33.0120.0120.242

Rooted or not: Not rooted

Frequency of Occurrence: Every time

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relayedto the app): camera app (video mod) version, gallery app version

I don't know what is happening after processing of 4k and 8k video in asus rog 5s device. The video is natural while shooting but it totally changed after processing(oversaturated). But this problem is not with full hd video mode, its perfect. when i use this 4k videos in some other apps for editing or when shared to whatsapp, i will get the natural one instead of over processed one. Even when i take screenshot of the frame while the 4k video is playing, i get natural one instead of over processed one.That is why i am so confused. Wheather the problem is with camera app or gallery. Even in google photos app and gallery the video play as over processed but when i click edit option the video on preview is natural one instead of over processed. I think they can rectify it with some system updates. Hope they will solve the problem.