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Hey everyone.

I was one of the unfortunate users who got a faulty handset and had to go through a very tough repair cycle. It took me more than 2 months and finally I received my repaired handset today. In the final stages of repair I discovered the best method in India to get a motherboard replacement in the first attempt of repair.

You see, many service centres (I tried 3) don't know that it's a hardware issue and no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to fix it. But the people who do know about this issue are the ones who respond to emails written directly to Asus.

So I suggest, if your device has the problem, Go to Asus's website, And email them from there, explain to them thoroughly that you need a motherboard replacement. And they will arrange a pickup for your phone, Personally courier the motherboard to the centre and the phone will be repaired in much less time than what I had to go through.



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