Camera UI n features similar to 6Z needed to 5Z in android 10

AmitGardeAmitGarde Level 5
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If zenui 6 is implemented in android 10 for 5Z why camera UI N FEATURES FROM CAMERA APPS are lacking behind

i heared from few beta testers no changes for camera app is seen for 5z in android 10

Please ASUS its a request if everything is provided via zen ui 6 please add some useful feature set like HDR+,HDR++ also if possible dedicated nightmode and camera ui as well for 5Z. Similar from 6z AS SENSOR for 5Z is still capable of lot more we never got camera updates apart from 1 time in orea when 5Z launched newly so please asus its a request bring camera ui n some useful HDR++ features to 5Z as well in android 10

Every user would love it n efforts of ASUS is more appreciated thanksalot for giving zen ui 6 in android 10 juz camera ui n feature would add more power to camera as it was flagship frm 2018 which was redefining flagship segment ???



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