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Asus rog phone should be a gaming phone

Star I
The idea comes with the output of the asus rog phone I have version 2 and among the things that I did through root is to modify certain things of it that give me a little more performance and less temperature when I play.
1.- I have realized that qualcomm snapdragon is stuck in something very important for rog phones that is, a 4-core gpu currently only qualcomm processors have a single core in the gpu esyo makes that when one records the screen there is a slight delay as if It was about Lag now with all that asus has in its sectors because it has not implemented a dedicated video card for the rog phones? This would be a great improvement for gaming phones as it would have good graphics for gaming.
2.- In the question of the screen recorder of the rog they should add options to configure such as bitrate, fps, cpu, gpu, and have an improved graphics engine
3.- I have Android 11 on my asus rog phone 2 I have it with root and I have improved the X mode with new options that should be in stock but they are not, I do not know if asus has a kind of list where to add these features
4.- The cpu should have 4 clusters instead of 3, that is, cluster1-cpu0,1,2 cluster 2-cpu3,4 cluster 3-cpu5,6 cluster 4-cpu7 greater efficiency in the nuclei, whether the last cluster is dedicated only to games and that the threshold is much more dynamic in the frequencies shorter refresh time for greater power


Rising Star II
Umm by any chance, are you the developer from XDA who re-adjusted thermal configuration and improved the performance of X-mode for rog 2 in a10??