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Enhance smart key on Zenfone 8

Hello,I would like to add a new suggestion:1. Make search available in the smart key menu so it will be faster.2. Enable customizing of the battery system module by using the smart key. Ex. Enter/exit ultra durable? I think many people will like this...

Marked clip is too good but not perfect (rog5)

Like give us options to change resolution & fps for marked clip. auto start marked clip when game start also give 1min or 45 sec marked clip And Bypassed charging auto on after battery charger 50% something and single tap to change between regular c...

zxops47 by Rising Star I
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Airtel VoWiFi on ROG3 global version in India

Please enable VoWiFi for Airtel on ROG3 WW global version in India.This setting has already been activated for Jio but, the Airtel users are missing out on this! Please enable this. Thanks!

Deepan_Ch by Rising Star II
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Support SMB credentials in File Manager

File Manager has an option to connect to remote resources.It shows the machine on the list but there is no possibility to provide username and password, nor the path for shared resource.Could you please fix that?

kzm by Star III
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Show connected devices IP in HotSpot

Wireless HotSpot does not show IPs of connected devices.Users need to install 3rd party software (like "Net Analyzer") to do check themIt is important to know the IP if you want to connect to the device using SSH for example, so please add this featu...

kzm by Star III
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Live Wallpaper

Could you please allow users to use short MP4 clips as backgroud without using 3rd party software (like "Video Live Wallpaper")?

kzm by Star III
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Start wide-angle video recording using Smart Key button.

Hi,I really dig using Smart Key button to quickly launch camera, and I'm mostly recording a video. I would really like to be able to set it to record wide angle camera instead of normal lens. Also it would be great to be able to open a pro video mode...

rfk by Star II
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hide swipe up arrow on the home screen

please give an option to hide swipe up/app drawer arrow on the home screen. i like my home screen clean and i don't have any app icons on my home screen, but couldn't find any setting to hide up arrow on the home screen.