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💣💥💣💥Android 13 Asus rog phone 3💥💣💥💣

Rising Star II
Do not leave us behind,make sure you provide stable Updates For Up to Android 13 minimum with bug fixes,driver optimizations and game changing features like when you gave us the bypass charging feature
We have the hardware for it,and we are more than patient for your updates if they contain atleast a driver update every month or so
Do not miss this opportunity,if you play your cards correctly,you as a Company will be at a much higher status later
Android 13 please come. and security updates please come on time thanks Asus 😘


Star I
Asus rog3 wifi problem is solved.
Press power button and volume up button at a time a screen will appear then press recovery mode then fast boot then reboot bootloader.
Till date I didn't get Android 12 .
How can I get it?

Rising Star II
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