Calling issue and call drops

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Hey so i am unable to call someone and if in any case it gets connected the audio is not clear and it's not the problem in sim because i have tried switching sim and it works perfectly.


  • I am not a gamer. I wish to buy Rog 2 for battery, aero buttons. However, call quality and reception is very important to me. Anyone can give actual user feedback?

  • Call quality and reception depends on area , it's not always device problem, i am using the same device i haven't faced any call or network issues

  • It's weird that you said that it worked perfectly when switching sim and make it sound like it's not supposed to??? Maybe you meant that you switched the phone with the same sim?

    My only advice if you know that changing sim won't work, is that you reset your device and if that doesn't help, then contact ASUS service Center.

  • I meant switching sim between phones.I have samsung s9 plus and the same sim works absolutely fine in that device but is hit or miss in rog 2 and i have tried every troubleshooting option and since this is not my primary device i am not worried much about the calling part.Moreover the problem i am facing is only with airtel sim ,bsnl works perfectly and i am not dumb enough to complain without checking my singal strength in the area . Its just one basic issue that i faced but overall in my opinion this phone is perfect for gamer.

  • If you SIM has been used a lot (deeper groves), then it might be that one SIM card reader can read it and another have trouble reading it. Try a friends SIM card and see if you have any issues with that card. If not, then it could be that your SIM is just to worn out to work and you need to ask your carrier for a new one.

  • Hey man my volte provisioned if disabled could you help me regarding that.

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    GSM phone quality is excellent. Generally the signal strength is better than on iPhone 6+ or Samsung Note 8 that I have in the house. All on the same network. Voice is loud and clear and calls don't fall out. Also in roaming, driving through different countries, switching between networks is instant and call quality excellent also in high speeds on the highway. And driving sometimes I have conversations in roaming over an hour long without being dropped. Always connected with Bluetooth to my car's multimedia system.

    VoLTE is supported by my provider (T-Mobile Croatia), but on my phone that option is greyed out. The Rog 2 international version has all LTE bands used by Croatian providers, but I can't use it at the moment. Will check with SIM cards of other 2 providers to make a final conclusion. It's not that important at the moment, as the GSM works perfect, but as everyone else, I would like it to be sorted out in the future.

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